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Morrisons opening hrs are 8-8pm. Official website displays correct details , we are aware there are incorrect details from rogue websites
Due to social distancing guidelines we can only allow a limited amount of people in at any one time, I would encourage people to only come if it absolutely necessary, and encourage customers not to all rush to be here for opening, it causes queue's and people waiting in the cold and wet. We still have an incredible amount of elderly customers who visit the store frequently throughout the week and in some instances daily, for social reasons.
They must stay at home and only come out if nobody can help or if and when it's absolutely necessary.
We would also ask that only one person per household attend at any one time, again exception will be made, but they must ask themselves the question if it's ABSOLUTELY necessary . We have had strange interpretations of what is absolutely necessary. Every time you step out of the house and into a public place you put yourselves and everyone else at risk
We are in a serious situation, everyone at Morrisons is trying very hard to keep you safe when you come shopping, we need your help also. Thanks Rich