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COVID-19 sanitising service Nightingales

Information for companies with reference to COVID-19

This is for companies pre-opening, after the COVID-19 forced the shutdown of many businesses, we are taking calls from site service managers, health and safety officers within the catering industry, production plants with regard to steam generating within kitchen/canteen areas, broad spectrum sanitation and isopropyl sanitising, the main serious concern has been the duct work to factories, production plants, air input and air outputs, air handling units, rotary concentrators and offices with air ventilation systems directly above their office staff.

Due to the current climate and compliance with BESA, environmental health, HSE, all systems will have cartridge sampling sent to the laboratory and a full report of the micron readings of the contaminates to all areas tested for the customer/client, so they are aware of the contaminates that may be in their systems.
Office ventilation systems are high priority, shopping centres, large capacity factories and warehouses, food stores.

Please contact us at or 01723 370399 and speak to James Barr our Operations Manager for any further information or a free site survey.