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Tower Estates tenants help.

At Tower Estates we understand that many of our tenants will be worried about the current situation. We want to reassure you that Tower Estates are still here to help you should you need it. Our office telephone number will be manned between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday or you can leave a message on our office mobile number 07746 116906.
In an emergency you can call the numbers on the ‘emergency contact list’ which was issued to you when you moved in. If you have not downloaded the ‘Tower Estates’ App yet, do it now. This will have an up to date list of emergency numbers as things change.
If the Coronovirus outbreak puts you in financial hardship meaning you cannot pay your rent, you must let us know and we will liaise with your landlord. In theses circumstances the current guidance is that you can defer payment for up to 3 months. This rent will still be due and we work with you to discuss the most practical way to gradually catch up. Any rent you can pay in the meantime will obviously make things easier when things return to normal.
Many of our contractors are still available and willing to help you when necessary. Please be very careful to observe ‘social distancing’ protocols if anyone needs to visit your property. Let’s keep everyone safe.
Finally, Val is in the office on her own for now with Mark & Chris working from home. Please be patient with us if things take a little longer than usual. We will continue to do our best to help everyone.
Stay safe & healthy,
Tower Estates