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Jobs » Home Care Assistant - Safehands Homecare

Home Care Assistant - Safehands Homecare

Based in Scarborough


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Safehands Homecare currently has a Home Care Assistant vacancy, and they are looking for passionate and committed people just like you! For more information contact Niall on 01609 535585.


  • To look after the physical, emotional, cultural and social needs of the Clients using a person-centred approach.
  • To observe and promote the Client’s choice, independence, dignity, privacy, fulfilment and other rights
  • To create and maintain good professional relationships with Clients, their      family and friends and other stakeholders
  • To actively support other Care Workers
  • To adhere to all regulatory and statutory obligations and Safe Hands      Homecare’s policies, procedures and guidelines
  • To actively market Safe Hands Homecare and promote a positive, personal and professional profile, ensuring the good reputation of Safe Hands Homecare at all times


Care provision

  • To provide personal care and support to Clients with a wide range of needs,      illnesses and disabilities
  • To know and understand the care and support of the Client
  • To undertake the tasks detailed in the Client’s care and support plan using a person centred approach and in the least intrusive way
  • To encourage the independence and motivation of the Client and not foster      dependent behaviour
  • To provide input into the care and support plans of Clients by regularly feeding back to management
  • To assist Clients getting up in the morning and going to bed at night
  • To assist Clients to wash, bath and shower
  • To assist Clients to dress and undress
  • To assist Clients with toileting, continence management and personal hygiene
  • To assist Clients with their medication at the agreed level of support and as      detailed in their Medication Care Needs Assessment
  • To prepare food and drink for the Client, being aware of the Client’s choice,      likes/dislikes, nutritional needs and cultural requirements
  • To provide light general household domestic duties, including housework and laundry, as detailed in the care plan or instructed by Management
  • To use manual handling equipment safely and correctly
  • To take responsibility for the safe handling of property and equipment      belonging to the Client
  • To maintain good communication and develop effective working relationships with Clients
  • To provide companionship to the Client, actively talking and listening to      them about their interests
  • To help the Client to maintain contact with their family and friends
  • To accompany the Client on trips into the community
  • To ensure as safe as possible the living environment for the Client, whilst      respecting the Client’s choice and rights

Recording and Reporting

  • To maintain detailed accurate records in respect of care and medication      support given and tasks undertaken
  • To regularly read care and support plans, acknowledging changes
  • To protect the confidentiality of all information relating to the Client and to      comply with all of the requirements of the data protection act and Safe      Hands Homecare confidentiality policies.
  • To promptly report to the office or Out of Hours manager any issues      concerning the care, support, well-being or behaviour of the Client and      update records accordingly
  • To continue to monitor where concerns have been reported and recorded
  • To recognise the signs of abuse and immediately report abuse or suspected      abuse to a Manager
  • To report any complaints to the office or Out of Hours manager
  • To contact the office or Out of Hours manager if running late


  • To dress appropriately, wearing a uniform and using personal protective      equipment provided by Safe Hands Homecare
  • To seek out best practice and look at innovative ways to improve the quality and efficiency of service delivery
  • To attend and participate in monthly team meetings and any other relevant      meetings
  • To attend in-house and external training pertinent to the role of Home Care      Worker
  • To ensure completed weekly timesheets are submitted on time
  • To observe all health & safety rules and take reasonable care to promote      health and safety of self and others and raise any concerns to the      management team
  • To aim to ensure everyone has equal treatment and equal access to services and employment
  • Any other duties requested by Senior Management, which are within the scope of the post

Special conditions attached to post

  • Flexible working, as evening and weekend work, is required
  • Own transport

Apply Now here: https://bit.ly/2TDjgVk 

£8.30 Per Hour
Located in:
Closing Date:
4th September 2019
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