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Astro Taro Predictions for Yorkshire Coast Radio

Written by Jeannette DuPont


February 2011 

New moon: 3rd February

Full Moon: 18th February

Sun moves into Pisces 19th February


Aries (21st March - 20th April)

Tarot card –Page of Swords

Get to the bottom of niggling concerns, be candid in discussions, state the reasons behind any unease and remember to stick to your principles when planning financial or emotional investments. Relationship doubts may be substantiated around Valentines but the full moon on the 18th will help to bring even the most challenged love life back onto the straight and narrow to leave you feeling optimistic as February draws to a close.


Taurus (21st April- 21st May)

Tarot card –King of Cups

February is definitely all about LOVE for Taurus this year and could be incredibly exciting and romantic. Valentine’s Day celebrations may lift the roof when a relationship proposal comes from out of the blue and an overseas holiday suggested. However before getting too carried away make sure you are free to go and have no other previous commitment to honour or you might create an unpleasant attitude from a usual supporter.


Gemini (22nd May-21st June)

Tarot card –The Star

The full moon blesses Gemini on the 18th with renewed enthusiasm and the solution to a financial problem. An ‘old’ dream may resurface on the 19th when the sun changes sign and maybe you’ll start to believe that it isn’t so impossible after all? Correspondence will play a big part in getting what you need so ensure you express desires effectively and don’t allow lethargy to stop you from successfully chasing your ambitions.


Cancer (22nd June -22nd August)

Tarot card –Eight of Pentacles

February creates an exciting window of opportunity for hard work and financial success. You may still have to choose between the things you want and the ones you can afford but with a strict budget you might find your long term dreams do not have to be ditched-Love relationships will benefit from Valentine romance and a boost of passion inspired by the full moon on the 18th. A connection with the media will be helpful on the 26th .


Leo (23rd July -22nd August)

Tarot card –Seven of Wands

Chaotic relationships are highlighted this month. Only you can decide if the advantages gained from continuing the struggle are worth the effort but be aware that your mental energies are low and you need to somehow regenerate more strength to hold your own during emotionally charged discussions. The full moon on the 18th should bring positive news regarding home moves and signal the beginning of a distinct period of change.


Virgo (23rd August – 22nd September)

Tarot card – Four of Wands

February is about taking time out for contemplation and being willing to embrace new ideas or concepts. A dramatic hair or image restyle could help re-build self esteem and give you enough confidence to brave the Valentine social scene. However, because the full moon on the 18th  followed the sun-sign change on the 19th  suggest that true love is not a million miles away, you will undoubtedly end the month feeling happy with your lot in life .  


Libra (23rd September-22nd October)

Tarot card – Eight of Cups

Some relationships need to be discouraged so switch off your phone and give yourself a bit of space. Friends can help, so play along on the 12th with a bit of socialising and you’ll soon discover someone more suitable to hang around with. Your attitude to work will also improve under the full moon on the 18th when discussions regarding your potential bring a burst of renewed enthusiasm and helps re-energise your career ambitions.


Scorpio (23rd October -21st November)

Tarot card – The Lovers

Emotionally you are embarking on an extremely rewarding period and with a valentine love on your side what could possibly go wrong? Nothing! Financial matters will consume your energies on the 19th as you try to find the resources needed to establish a new business project that allows more freedom and challenge. Discussions with banks or investors should go well and by the 25th your plans should be just about in place.



Sagittarius (22nd November-21st December)

Tarot card– the Devil

There’ll be lots of fun and excitement during February and though you should enjoy everything on offer-The devil encourages excess, so be warned, romantic interludes, a crazy social calendar and a self indulgent attitude could create mayhem with your waist line. Try to maintain some kind of self restraint if you want your jeans to fit in March! Money luck is emphasised on the 19th so be prepared to speculate if you wish to accumulate.

 Capricorn (21st December -19th January)

Tarot card – Eight of Wands

Your adventurous spirit will help you explore possibilities previously considered ‘financially unrealistic’. Home moves may be discussed on the 12th when an opportunity to make a dramatic lifestyle change is presented! If an intrepid explorer lurks in the deep recesses of your soul; then you will be happy to know that travel will also be part of late February’s activities so keep your eye peeled for last minute deals at the travel agents.

 Aquarius (20th January -18th February)

Tarot card King of Wands

The realisation that life has become just a little too restrictive could make you feel angry or overly defensive this month and although there may be a genuine need to loosen a strangle hold, be careful not to sever connections with something or someone that is fundamentally good for you. The 15th - 20th February is highlighted as a productive period for change especially if looking for a new career or working position.

 Pisces (19th February-20th March)

Tarot card –Nine of Wands.

The stars encourage you to confidently embrace all new adventures this month. A romantic encounter over valentines will most certainly offer an opportunity for deep emotional involvement.  As the sun moves into your sign on the 19th a desire to express yourself in a bright fun way will overwhelm, you will feel like dancing and making others feel happy- and you will probably start redecorating your home in sunshine yellow to match your mood.   


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