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Sleeps til Santa 2017

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The Countdown Has Begun...

The countdown to Christmas Day has officially begun and what better way to tick off the days than to visit the people who will be most excited about the big man's arrival, the kids up and down the Yorkshire Coast!

Thanks to Sinclairs, every day from the 1st of December we'll be showcasing local schools singing our super catchy song, Sleeps 'til Santa!

Each morning we'll play the recordings on air, share the video on our Facebook page and pop them right here on this page so don't worry if you miss a day as you'll be able to watch the video again!

Need reminding of the lyrics?  Take a look below and don't forget to sing along..

... sleeps to go,

... sleeps 'til Santa,

... sleeps ‘til the big fat fella comes down your chimney and gives you presents and drinks your beer

... sleeps 'til Santa

(Song Repeats – getting faster each time!)

Find Out When Your School Will Be Featured.. 

Friday 1 December :             Airy Hill Community Primary School, Whitby
Saturday 2 December:        Newby & Scalby Primary School, Scarborough
Sunday 3 December:            Hunmanby Primary School
Monday 4 December:           Our Lady & St Peter RC Primary School, Bridlington
Tuesday 5 December:           East Whitby Academy
Wednesday 6 December:    Thomas Hinderwell Community Primary School, Scarborough
Thursday 7 December:         Hilderthorpe Primary School, Bridlington
Friday 8 December:                Braeburn Primary & Nursery School, Eastfield
Saturday 9 December :         Sleights C of E Primary School
Sunday 10 December:           Flamborough C of E Primary School
Monday 11 December :         St. Martins C of E Primary School, Scarborough
Tuesday 12 December:          West Cliff Primary School, Whitby
Wednesday 13 December:   Burlington Junior School, Bridlington
Thursday 14 December:        Filey Junior School
Friday 15 December:              Barrowcliff School, Scarborough
Saturday 16 December:        Martongate Primary School, Bridlington
Sunday 17 December:           Fylingdales C of E Primary School, Fylingthorpe
Monday 18 December:           Northstead Community Primary School, Scarborough
Tuesday 19 December:          Gladstone Road Primary School, Scarborough
Wednesday 20 December:   St. Georges RC Primary School, Eastfield
Thursday 21 December:        Seamer & Irton Community Primary School
Friday 22 December:              Cayton Community Primary School
Saturday 23 December:        TBC
Sunday 24 December:            Wheatcroft Community Primary School, Scarborough

 12 Sleeps 'til Santa - Burlington Junior School in Bridlington

 13 Sleeps 'til Santa - West Cliff Primary School in Whitby

14 Sleeps 'til Santa - St. Martins C of E Primary School

15 Sleeps 'til Santa - Flamborough C of E Primary School

16 Sleeps 'til Santa - Sleights C of E Primary School 

17 Sleeps 'til Santa - Braeburn Primary & Nursery School in Eastfield!

18 Sleeps 'til Santa - Hilderthorpe Primary School 

 19 Sleeps 'til Santa - Thomas Hinderwell Primary Academy

20 Sleeps 'til Santa - East Whitby Academy

 21 Sleeps 'til Santa - Our Lady & St Peter RC Primary School

22 Sleeps 'til Santa - Hunmanby Primary School

 23 Sleeps 'til Santa - Newby and Scalby Primary School

24 Sleeps 'til Santa - Airy Hill Community Primary School

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