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Scarborough College

Steeped in tradition and history, since its foundation in 1896, Scarborough College has provided a life changing education to boys and girls based on high standards, a climate of aspiration and a commitment to providing an individualised journey for every pupil.

In the 21st Century, pupils belong to a high-achieving school in an inspirational and beautiful location that celebrates its rich past whilst looking to the future as a genuine leader in independent education.

Our pupils, whatever their backgrounds, talents and interests, thrive in a community where  they are known and have a sense of belonging; where they enjoy trusting and encouraging connections with their teachers and other pupils of all ages. We believe in inclusion and involvement. Scarborough College is a family: accepting, caring, loyal and supportive.


Scarborough College - yorkshire coast radio 02
Scarborough College - yorkshire coast radio 02



For many, the Scarborough College journey starts in the world of the Little Owls. The College Pre-School is a rich and diverse world offering a safe and exciting nursery environment as well as French lessons, E-fitness, cooking and other enriching subjects, taught by specialist teachers from The College and beyond.

The youngest of our community members are looked after by highly experienced and qualified staff. We pride ourselves on providing a journey that is inspiring, adventurous and fun. With the Prep School only a glance away, we can work with the parents to offer a transition that is the right mix of wondrous and exhilarating.


Prep School

The College Prep School is a fantastic start to College life. A varied curriculum is offered by subject-specialist teachers, allowing for learning experiences where pupils and teacher can delve into areas of interest and develop a deeper understanding. We believe that these experiences ensure the very best foundation for the next steps.

With a teacher-to-pupil ratio of 1:8, we are able to monitor our pupils’ progress and make sure we make the most of their potential. This means that the Prep School is also where our pupils start to exceed even our own expectations. Whether on their way to becoming actors or surgeons, the Prep journey is one of teamwork, critical thinking and encouragement.


Senior School

The transformative pupil experience of our Senior School has been under constant development over the past 120 years. Its core elements have remained unchanged and the focus has always been on individualism and a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

We have achieved plenty of success in the past decade and pupils have managed to attain outstanding academic outcomes. Scarborough College fosters a culture of aspiration and ambition and pupils’ talents are discovered, nurtured and developed. Within the College’s climate of aspiration and support, we prepare our pupils for Sixth Form.


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Sixth Form and the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Scarborough College is an IB-only school and as such, we have consistently ranked among the top IB-schools in the world over the past ten years. With over forty different academic courses, our Sixth Form is a proven pathway to fantastic university placements at Oxbridge, the Russel Group and top universities abroad.

We believe that our Sixth Formers can become the future leaders of our communities. We expect them to be independent and critical thinkers and assume ownership of their own learning. In this intellectual environment, we can enable our students to explore their passions and the full range of their academic capacity.