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Save Water!

Due to the continued hot and dry weather over the past month, we have often seen an extra demand of up to 200m litres of water per day, which is more than the daily usage of a city the size of Leeds. With little rainfall expected this month, we’re encouraging our five million customers to use water more wisely to help ensure that the massive demand can continue to be met. We’re also asking customers to report a leak if they notice any cracked or burst pipes in their local areas to prevent water being wasted.

Water-Saving Hacks!

Here are ten simple water saving hacks to help you save money, water and energy:

  1. Don’t use running water to thaw frozen foods; instead, defrost them in the microwave or the refrigerator.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables in a container rather than letting running water go down the drain.
  3. When you’ve finished cooking foods that require boiling or steaming, allow the water to cool, and use it for watering houseplants.
  4. When you do have dishes to wash, throw them in the dishwasher and wash with a full load!
  5. If you have to handwash your dishes, use a bowl rather than letting running water go down the drain.
  6. Save time as well as water and energy with shorter showers.
  7. Don’t forget to turn off the tap while shaving, brushing teeth, and washing hands.
  8. Raise the height of your mower blade and mow less often; taller grass shades roots and holds soil moisture better than short grass.
  9. Aerate your lawn with holes spaced every six inches to allow water to reach the roots rather than run off the surface.
  10. Wash dark clothes in colder water to save water and energy, and to help your clothes retain their colour.

Free Water-Saving Pack

To help save even more water we’re encouraging customers to order a free water-saving pack, which contains a four-minute shower timer, save-a-flush toilet cistern bag, tap inserts and a shower regulator. This can be ordered by visiting our Save Water webpage.