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Meet A Scarborough RUFC Active Youth Parent


Parent Q & A

Scarborough RUFC Active Youth ParentWhat’s your name?
Jason Lukehurst.

How many of your children are involved in Scarborough RUFC’s Active Youth scheme, and what age group do they play in?

My oldest son Joseph plays in the Under 9s team and my youngest son Henry plays with the Under 6s.


How long have your children been playing rugby at Scarborough RUFC?

Joseph has been playing for three years and this year was Henry's first season.


What do your children enjoy about the scheme?

They love the rugby! They also think the coaches are amazing and are excited to see them every week.

What are the benefits of children being part of Scarborough Active Youth?

It gets them active and they benefit from being part of a great team atmosphere. They learn respect and how to play with others. They also get the thrill of playing a great sport.


Do parents come up to the Club to watch on a Sunday?

My wife and I come every week to see our boys playing. It's a joy to see them progress and enjoy playing. Lots of other parents do the same.


Is Active Youth a big commitment to you and your children?

It can be hard to get up on a Sunday and drag ourselves out of the door on a cold, blustery winter's Sunday. But the boys are practically dancing out of the door!


Is it expensive to enrol your children onto the Active Youth scheme?

It’s very reasonable for all of the work and support the coaches and staff give.


Do you think that the kids at Active Youth get on well with each other?

Always – one of the core values of the scheme is respect and you can really see that in the kids.


Would you recommend the Scarborough RUFC Active Youth Scheme to other parents?

Most definitely!


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