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Meet A Scarborough RUFC Active Youth Coach


Coach Q & A...

Scarborough RUFC Active Youth CoachWhat’s your name? James Cliffe

What team/age group do you coach?

I coach the Under 7s and also help out with the Colts (Under 17s)

How long have you been a coach at Scarborough RUFC?

Three years

How did you get into coaching at Scarborough RUFC?

I brought my sons along to play and as I was here anyway, and they enjoyed it, I just thought I may as well help out. I used to play rugby as a kid at Scarborough RUFC so it’s nice to give a bit back.

Did you ever play rugby? If so, when did you start?

Yes, I played rugby from the age of five at Scarborough but left at 16 to join the Army, where I continued to play.


What does a typical Sunday morning of coaching consist of?

I arrive at the Club at 10am to set up and training with the kids starts at 10:30am. We start with a warm up, which is made as fun as possible by including games like ‘stuck in the mud’ so the kids get used to running, changing direction and looking for space, as well as encouraging teamwork.

We then move on to some drills, focusing on ball handling, positioning, passing and catching – helping the players to learn the rules of rugby.  

At all times we ensure the kids maintain respect for each other and adhere to sportsmanship principles. We then move on to some tag rugby games and finish with a game of tag bulldogs or a tug of war.

What do you enjoy most about coaching?

Seeing the kids enjoy themselves, work as a team and experience success and achievement.

Do you need any qualifications to be an Active Youth coach?

The Club and the RFU will support you through your courses – but you don’t need any qualifications to start. All coaches are DBS checked in line with Safeguarding procedures.


What do you think is the best thing(s) about the Scarborough RUFC Active Youth scheme?

Hundreds of kids and their families taking part in a positive activity and being part of a fantastic community here at the Scarborough RUFC.


What would you say to parents who are concerned about rugby being an aggressive sport?

Please come along and speak to one of the coaches. Player safety is always paramount in our role and coaches are well trained and informed on how to keep young people safe.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach at Scarborough RUFC please contact: juniorrugby@scarboroughrugby.co.uk

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