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Where We've Come From

Local radio day with yorkshire Coast radio 785 x 300

Local Radio was a long time coming to the Yorkshire Coast. The BBC had broadcast some regional programmes since the 1930’s on its national networks and started to provide dedicated local services from the late 1960’s, but even these took their time to appear in Yorkshire.ycr logo 2016

It was 1984 before a local BBC station arrived in North Yorkshire but being based in York it was more of a regional countywide service than something dedicated to the East Coast.

Commercial radio launched in 1973, initially in the big cities and again took a couple of decades to reach the towns and villages of Yorkshire. It was 1993 before a commercial radio licence was issued for the East Coast.

Yorkshire Coast Radio began test transmissions in October ’93 from studios on Falsgrave Road, with the sound of waves and seagulls being broadcast, before live programmes started at 9am on Sunday 7th November 1993.

The first song played was 'Scarborough Fair' by Simon & Garfunkel. 

At first transmissions only reached Scarborough and Filey on 96.2FM.  In 1994 a new transmitter was introduced to cover Whitby on 103.1FM. Bridlington got its own transmitter on 102.4FM in November 1999 and in January 2015 the DAB service went live.


YCR building

Inside YCR

YCr Studio

In January 2004 Yorkshire Coast Radio moved from its original home at 62 Falsgrave Road, Scarborough to a new broadcasting complex at the Scarborough Business Park on the outskirts of the town.

All of the radio stations output is broadcast from our studios on the Yorkshire Coast. Our news team provide daily news updates in our regular radio bulletins and also on website and social media platforms.

Twenty three years on we are proud and privileged to be the broadcaster for the Yorkshire Coast.

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