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How Many People Share Your Birthday?

birthday cake

So when is your birthday and do you share it with anyone you know?

Wendy in Scarborough called Paddy in the Morning to ask for a mention for her and four work colleagues who all share the same birthday.

They obviously need a really big cake. But what are the chances of someone you know having the same birthday as you?


In theory with there being 365 days in the year, then you share your birthday with 1/365th of the population. Although this is not the case if you were born on February 29th.

So if we assume that the population of the planet is roughly 7 billion people (it's a nice round number) then you share your birthday with something in the region of 19 million people.

Of those 19 million around 171,000 of them will be in the UK, about 4 million of them will be in China, 3 million in India and just 3 in Vatican City.

The population of Scarborough is around 52,000 people so all things being equal a Scarborian shares their birthday with 142 other Scarborians.

If you live in Whitby there are 36 other people sharing the same birthday as you in the town and in Bridlington you share your special day with 95 other local residents.

If you happen to have been born on February 29th then the figures are very different. You share your celebrations with 1/1461th of the population which is about 4.7 million people worldwide.

So do the numbers stack up? The only way to tell is to ask your friends if they have the same birthday as you. The danger is that you find you share your special day with five other colleagues and have to share your cake!