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Dementia Appeal

Help Raise £200,000 To Support Patients Living With Dementia

Scarborough and Bridlington hospitals are set to benefit from a new £200,000 fundraising appeal launched by the York Teaching Hospital Charity.

The appeal is set to help patients in and around our local area living with dementia during their stay in hospital and they need your help.

The Dementia Appeal wants every person with not only dementia, but also other mental health conditions, to leave their hospitals as fit and healthy as possible, rather than experience a decline in their condition which is something which can happen when a person is in an unfamiliar environment for a length of time.

Little Things Matter...

Enabling Patient Support...

The Dementia Appeal Is Aiming To...


Whilst there is already some great support in place The Dementia; the appeal is aiming to...

  • Create a specific Dementia Friendly day room on the Johnson Ward at Bridlington Hospital
  • Supply patients with activities while they are including hospital memory boxes full of reminiscent cards, photos and games to stimulate their early memories. As well as providing portable and personal CD players with an assortment of music from different eras that will help people keep calm and relaxed.
  • Buy some special computer systems designed specifically for people living with dementia to use on the wards
  • Make changes to the patient environment to make the area as comfortable as possible by means of special clocks, lighting and toilet seats which will reduce confusion and stress


How You Can Help...

Put Your Kettle On

And Host A Coffee Morning

Round Pounds

Collect Your Old Pound Coins

Knit Some Twiddlemuffs

And Help Keep Restless Hands Busy

Volunteer Your Time

And Help At Bucket Collections

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