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Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource

If you spend time looking after someone who depends on you because they are ill, frail or disabled, Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource are here to help you. Carers Resource is a local charity covering Scarborough, Filey, Whitby and Ryedale, providing free and confidential support for unpaid family carers from the age of 8 upwards.

A carer is someone who looks after a member of their family or a friend when they have an illness, condition, a disability or are elderly. This includes mental health illness and difficulties arising from substance misuse. Carers Resource focuses on the carer and aims help reduce some of the stresses of caring. Caring can be very rewarding but at times it can be very hard.

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How We Can Help Adult Carers

Carers Resource offers a range of support to meet a variety of needs. Our carers helpline or face-to-face support can provide a listening ear as well as a lot of relevant advice or information about other support that may be able to help. We also assist to maximise income into the home as well as guide you through the red tape of authority, which can sometimes be very confusing when things are busy or overwhelming. We also provide carers support groups and help with training, education or work opportunities. 

Supporting Young Carers

It will perhaps surprise many people to learn that a lot of young children carry out important caring roles in their homes, but it's a fact and as such it is important that they receive the best support that we can offer. 

Our Young Carers Service provides specialist support for carers 8 – 18 years of age, whose lives are significantly affected by their caring role. Each young carer we work with is in a different situation and we treat all young carers as individuals. Our key focus is to empower young carers to balance their aims in life, with their caring role. A small group of our young carers recently made video (#wecare) to help others better understand the potential impact of caring responsibilities on their lives.


Many of the young people we come across have low self-esteem & confidence. Our support is about building their resilience through support and engagement. As well as making or developing friendships with others who may have similar caring roles or additional responsibilities at home.  

Support for the wider community (carers and non-carers)

In 2019, SRCR added two new services to its portfolio  - these services started to broaden our reach into the wider community and offer support to non-carers for the first time.

  • Home from Hospital: A free short term service for any adult leaving hospital who may need a little extra support in order to feel confident and comfortable with returning home.  The service is available for patients at the point of discharge from hospitals (no matter how long/short a stay) or for those who return home from hospital and quickly realise they may not be able to manage as well as they hoped (up to 10 days following discharge).
  •  My Neighbourhood:  A service designed to support members of the community experiencing periods of loneliness and/or isolation.  The service is focused on three key activities:  supporting individuals on a 1-2-1 basis,  supporting community groups to develop and thrive, and providing a befriending service to those needing longer-term friendship and support.

Our Support Helps the Person You Care for Too...

By accessing support at Carers Resource, we tend to find both the carer and the person being supported can benefit. Our focus is on ‘carer wellbeing’ and if requested, checking entitlements into the home, can mean additional income or support coming into the family as a whole.  Contingency planning can also bring peace of mind to everyone; just knowing there is someone to talk to as a carer, can bring reassurance. Having an illness or disability can be immensely difficult and sometimes it's difficult relying on another person to help. We can also signpost to local organisations that can help people maintain their independent at home (be that through aids or additional support services).  

Sometimes it's not knowing whats available or what could help. It could be by getting in touch we can talk through things and find a solution together. 

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Carers Week 10th - 16th June Supporting Carers to be Healthy & Connected

On the run up to Carers Week Carers Resource is celebrating the work of our ‘unpaid Carers’ across our area as well as raising awareness of carers via our ‘Pledge Support for Carers’ Campaign.  Many of us will have experienced caring first hand and know how hard it is to balance everything in life - and we think this needs celebrating!

As well as encouraging businesses and organisations to share a photo of their team with our support banner, we are asking everyone to think about their individual contributions - what could they do more of to support ‘Carers’ now and in the future.  If you are able to help with a ‘Carer Pledge’ please do get in touch.

During Carers Week we will have information going out across lots of different venues including Yorkshire Coast Radio, local GP Surgeries and many more local organisations.  Our team are also out and about in the area raising awareness of the support available to carers.


For more information about National Carers Week, click here:

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