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Bring A Pound To Work Day 2018

Get Involved!

Tuesday 13th March is Bring A Pound To Work Day, our big day of fundraising for Saint Catherine’s and we're aiming to raise around £10,000... the amount it costs to run the hospice and its services for just one day!

Bring A Pound To Work Day 2017

Being part of this community event is as easy as it sounds, on Tuesday 13th March 2018 you and your workmates simply bring a pound to work and we'll come and get it! It doesn’t matter where you are on the Yorkshire Coast or how many people work there – every pound counts!

Your donations will go directly to Saint Catherine's to allow them to continue their work of caring for you and your loved ones, at hospice and home, right across our area.


Register Your Business

If you'd love to get involved and help us on our mission to raise the £10,000 which the hospice and it's services needs to run on an average day then register today and we'll be sure to pop by and see you on Tuesday 13th March.

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St Catherine's - Leona Simmons


Bring A Pound To Work Day 2017

Bring A Pound To Work Day 2017

Saint Catherine's hospice

Saint Catherine’s needs to raise around £10,000 every day to continue to deliver care in our local community.

Serving an area of 1600 square miles, from Whitby in the north to Bridlington in the south, and inland across Ryedale, Saint Catherine’s looks after around 3000 local patients and their carers and families every year.

You donations really do make a difference to local people and their families so please get involved and register today!