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Find Out About Alpamare Scarborough Waterpark

Alpamare waterpark Scarborough

 Alpamare Scarborough FAQ

What are the opening times?

Alpamare waterpark in Scarborough will be be open from 10am until 10pm during weekends and school holidays however may close a little earlier during term time. The atmosphere will be quite different in the evening so it’s worth going along at different times of day to get the full Alpamare experience.

 How much is entry?

Entry is priced at £19 for adults, £15 for children or £60 for a family ticket which consists of two adults and two children.

Is the Alpamare Waterpark Suitable for the entire family? 

Alpamare caters for the entire family. The waterpark features a splash and play area for younger children, a selection of brilliant slides for thrill seeking older children, teenagers and adults alike along with indoor wave pool and outdoor garden  family pool for the entire family. If however you're going without any children you can relax in the adults only infinity pool giving you the chance to escape everyday life.

How long do you get in the waterpark?

You can enjoy Alpamare waterpark Scarborough for up to 4 hours giving you plenty of time to enjoy all of the amazing pools and slides! However if you'd like to stay even longer you can pay £1 per each additional half hour.

What Is the minium age of water park users?

Children under 12 years of age are only permitted when accompanied by an adult. Adults must actively ensure the supervision of the children during their entire stay at the facility. Children under the age of 8 must be supervised at all times by an accompanying adult, with a maximum of two children per adult in the swimming pools. Lifeguards cannot ensure constant supervision of children.

  • All children under the age of 8 (eight) should be supervised in the water by a responsible person 16 years of age or over
  • This person may be responsible for up to 2 (two) persons under the age of 8 (eight)
  • Children under 4 (four) should be supervised in the water on a one:one basis regardless of whether they can swim or not
  • Children who are 8 (eight) or over and are weak / non-swimmers should be supervised in the water by a responsible person of 18 years or over
  • All children under 11 should be accompanied in the waterpark by a responsible person 18 years of age or over

How do the wristbands work?

On entry you’ll be given a wristband which will act as your key to your locker and as a convenient way to pay for anything in the Bavarian-themed restaurant. So rather than worrying about having to get cash from your locker you can just show your wristband and pay on your way out.

 Will the outdoor pools be open in winter?

Yes the outdoor pools at Alpamare waterpark Scarborough will be open in winter and at a warm 35C it will be a similar temperature to a typical bath so you’ll be nice and warm at any time of year!

 What is an infinity pool?

The outdoor infinity pool will be amazing! The water cascades over the edge of the adult only pool giving the impression that the pool merges with the North Sea! 

 What is the garden pool like?

The garden pool is an outdoor family pool with bubble booths featuring champagne bubbles all round! You won’t want to get out once you’re in!

 Will the car park be a public pay and display car park?

The car park will be a pay and display car park.

 Will there be additional public transport to and from the water park?

Yes,  a new bus service is already in place with buses stopping at the Alpamare waterpark.

 What is the restaurant at the waterpark like?

The restaurant will have a Bavarian theme... think ski-lodge! It will serve fresh pizzas and pasta type dishes along with a wide selection of drinks.

 How seriously do you take cleanliness?

Very! Not only are the toilets thoroughly cleaned the toilet seats are changed every 2 hours. These will be different colours throughout the day so you'll know they’ve been changed!

 How much water do the slides use?

35,000 litres of water is pumped down the slides every single minute. That’s the equivalent of 800 baths!

What does Alpamare mean? 

Alpamare mean where the alps meet the sea.

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