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Welcome To The Found Pets Help Desk

Here you'll find community and local information that may be useful to you. Scroll down for all the different sections and feel free to add your own item by clicking below.

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1st Mar 2017, Found very tame budgie, Jazz court. Middle deepdale. Eastfield
Found, very tame budgie in eastfield. Taken to Falsgrave pet shop.
Contact Claire Holliday on 07477595358
17th Sep 2016, Found tabby cat, 19 Sea Cliff Road, Scarborough, YO11 2XU
found adorable male tabby cat in South Cliff - no ID
Contact Christina on 07704165121
20th Apr 2016, Found Two Rabbits, Peasholm Drive, Roseville Avenue, Scarborough
2 Rabbits (1 Black & 1 Brown) were seen in the Peasholm Drive area of Scabrorough this morning, backing on to Roseville Avenue.

They looked like they had escaped and were a bit startled.
Contact Rhianna Thurston on 1
30th Jul 2015, FOUND COCKATIEL, Cayton
Grey cockatiel found in Cayton area on Tuesday night.
Think it must be someone local as the weather was awful but the cockatiel seemed in good condition when it landed on our window.
He is currently being looked after but we need to get him back to his owner as soon as possible.
Please call Paul Tozer on 01723 582039 if you have any information.
Contact Paul Tozer on 01723 582039
15th Oct 2014, Canary seen, 9 Park Avenue
Arrived back from shopping to see yellow flower stuck atop gate, on closer inspection turned out to be a canary, which declined my finger and flew off into the park. It will not bear the winter and I hope the owner will be able to find it.
Contact S A Longden on 373755
24th Aug 2014, Dog Found, 1 Hatterboard Drive
Found Sunday 24th Aug - brown and white large female dog. She looks like a lurcher or cross, was very dirty and hungry. She's been fed and bathed and is content, tried contacting RSPCA, kennels council police but busy/shut with Bank Holiday. She is a beautiful animal. Proof of ownership is a must. Someone must be missing this family pet
Contact Martin Moseley on 07507838665 Contact by email
11th Jul 2014, Found Tabby, 6th main street, Beeford, Driffield
Found a little tabby cat in driffield area, down Westgate. Not sure on exact age or gender. Very scared and timid. Will come close but run away when it feels it's too close. No collar or tag. Been seeing it for a while in front of McColls on Crosshill. Keeps scavenging around for food on the road side. It never moves far but wondered if anyone had lost it. I have picture if necessary. Please let me know as soon as because if I see him/her again I will contact rspca as I cannot catch them.
Contact Jessica Walker on 07547311394 Contact by email
30th Dec 2013, Male dog found, Overdale eastfeild
Can you please share this picture of a male dog found in Eastfeild. He is safe and at pets at home in Scarborough. He was found on overdale in my garden yesterday at 12noon. Such a lovely dog and He is microchipped but unable to contact owner so far. He is from the north side of scarborough.
Contact Rebecca Brambles on 07784817726 Contact by email
23rd Dec 2013, Found young ginger tom cat, Tall Trees, Mere Lane, Scarborough, YO11 2YN
Found very friendly young ginger tom cat. Bold stripes. Near the Mere.
Contact Janet Baker on 01723 370500
15th Nov 2013, Cats Found, Scarborough
Tabbie & White older cat found Crossgates
Ginger & White 1 yr+ cat found East Ayton
Black & White kitten found Rutland Terrace
all Scarborough area.
If any of these are yours please contact us soonest.
Contact Ryedale & Scar Cats Welfare on 01723 865829 Contact by email
9th Sep 2013, Dog Found, Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, Filey.
A white Jack Russell, with a brown face was found at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, Filey, on Saturday afternoon.

It is wearing a studded red collar.
Contact Elaine on 07973 441950
23rd Jul 2013, Found Blue Budgie, Hollbeck Area, Scarborough
Found Blue Budgie in the Hollbeck Area of Scarborough please call Lee Thompson 07999999653
Contact Lee Thompson on 07999999653
23rd Jul 2013, Found Blue Male Budgerigar, Irton Scarborough
FOund Blue Male Budgeriagar in Irton Area
please call 01723 864216 or 07909513304
Contact Elaine Carr on 01723 864216
6th Jul 2013, Found Black Cat, 46 Trafalgar Square
Found black cat in Trafalgar Square area, fairly small with yellow eyes.
Contact Matt on 07528963100
30th Apr 2013, Ferrets Found, Chantry Road, East Ayton
Two friendly ferrets found in East Ayton.
Both safe in a run with food and water awaiting their owner to come forward.
Contact Peter on 01723 585333
3rd Apr 2013, Found 2 Puppies, Dunslow Vets
2 Puppies have been found, a Chihuahua and Laparatsu at Crossgates roundabout– have been taken to Dunslow Road vets
Contact shanie on 8
1st Apr 2013, Long haired black and white cat, Hedon, Hull
Long haired black cat with bushy tail. White marks to face and paws found. Quite friendly and found Hedon area. First noticed it in my garden March time.
Contact Jo on 07966666616
25th Dec 2012, Found dog, 9 Falsgrave Rd, Scarborough
Female dog found in Dean Road area of Scarborough. Looks like black Labrador cross
Contact Warren O'Flynn on 07969235651 Contact by email
17th Nov 2012, Found Dog, 7 Derwent Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3LZ
Patterdale/Terrier type found on Saturday 19th November near Harwood Dale, Brown/Grey colour, Very friendly, Sex Unknown
Contact Linda Winspear on 01947 604351 Contact by email
10th Nov 2012, Found Dog, Scarborough
Smallish black and tan male dog (collie or collie cross?) with white chest patch found on Falsgrave road. Possibly quite young, a bit nervous but friendly. Wearing wide brown leather collar with brass coloured studs
Contact Deborah Kynman on 07970 677 139
28th Jul 2012, Ginger entire cat, 10 Hatterboard Drive, Scarborough, YO12 6NQ
Ginger tom cat, beige collar, been in and around my garden last couple of nights, howling all last night cant let my cats out as he is going for them
If your cat or you know whos cat. or will take to RSPCA please contact me asap,
Contact J Craske on 01723 503229 Contact by email
25th Jul 2012, Found young cat, 26 mayfield avenuve newby
Young male cat , approx 6-10 months, found around 2am t followed me home from north bay, peasholm area, near entrance to the open air theatre . Very friendly ! Doesn't have a micro chip , has recently been castrated though . It just keeps following me everywhere.
Contact Natasha bluck on 01723352623 Contact by email
7th Apr 2012, Found rabbit, Scarborough
found rabbit on the Whitby road about 15 miles from Scarborough.
Contact Mandy on 017230867950
20th Mar 2012, Found Male Sheep Dog, Harwoodale Area
Found Male Black Sheep Dog
Please call 01723 581700 if you have any information
Contact Sadie on 01723 581700
10th Feb 2012, found cat, (Local helper), 4 coniston gardens, crossgates, YO12 4JH, Cat Protectin, Hull and District, Shamrock Cottage, Amotherby, Malton, YO17 6TL, 01653 697918
Female Tortoiseshell cat found near Dunslow road area (Morriosns). She is safe and well though a little skinny so she may have been missing for some time. Contact Cat Protection on 01653 697918 or 07882001402 for more details
Contact Cat Protection ( Volunteer Mandy lees) on 07882001402
3rd Feb 2012, Found Kitten, South Cliff Area, Scarborough
Found kitten Between 3-6 Months Old please call
Nicola 07718209734 or Tim 07833461208
Contact Tim on 07833461208
1st Nov 2011, Found Kitten, Scalby Road
6 weeks - 3 Months old in the Scalby Area please call 07932 216847
Contact Mr Wilby on 07932 216847
7th Sep 2011, Found Kitten, Scarborough
Kitten was stuck in tree last night 6-9-11, kitten 8-10 weeks old. PLease call 01723 582288
Contact Tanya Stuart on 01723 582288
24th Jul 2011, Parrot, Hovingham Drive, Scarborough
Small green parrot found Sunday 24th July. Scarborough Hospital area
Ring 01723369787
Contact Marsden on 01723369787
20th Jul 2011, Found Dog, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Small black female terrier found at Cayton Bay Holiday Park.
Contact Mr Calahan on 01723 378980
14th Jul 2011, Found Dog, Peasholm Park Area
Found Brown medium size dog this morning in Peasholm Park area.
PLease call 01723 352858
Contact Mrs Smith on 01723 352858
7th Jul 2011, Found Parrot, Newby, Scarborough
If anyone has lost their parrot please call 01723 352993
Contact Mrs Furnish on 01723 352993
28th May 2011, love bird, 8 Beechings Mews, Station Avenue, Whitbyh
love bird found Station Avenue West Cliff Whitby
Contact Stuart Greenhill on 07956601988
26th May 2011, Blue Budgie Found in Eastfield, Overdale, Eastfield.
Blue budgie found on Overdale in Eastfield on Thursday 26th June.
Contact Julie on 01723 584710
26th May 2011, Blue Budgie Found, Overdale, Eastfield.
Blue budgie found on Overdale in Eastfield.
Contact Julie on 01723 584710
11th Feb 2011, Cat Found, Scarborough Hospital
Ginger Male Cat. Very Friendly. Found near the Hospital Thursday (10/02) night.
Contact Helen on 07902 465015
28th Aug 2001, Kitten found, Eastfield
Kitten/young cat found. Eastway area in eastfield, Scarborough. Black and white female? with distinctive markings. Long haired.
Contact Sally Laing-dransfield on 07788990887 Contact by email