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Lost Pets

13th Dec 2017, Missing Cat, 25 Garfield Road, Scarborough, YO127LJ
Long Haired Grey Cat missing in the Garfield Road/ Dean Rd area of town.
Very Friendly, loving cat, desperately needs to be reunited with its family in Garfield Road.
Went missing on the 11th of Dec. a very cold night so may in a shed or outhouse.
Contact Ian Allergy on 07803559509 Contact by email
17th Nov 2017, Missing cat., 15 Trinity Road
Large fluffy ginger cat called Eric went missing on 15th November around the Trinity Road area.
Contact Catherine on 01723 375255
4th Nov 2017, LOST DOG OUT OF AREA, 68 Fleet Lane, Queensbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD13 2JL
Staffy 12 year old missing since 8pm Saturday night from coble landing Filey. Doesn't live in the area so doesn't know surroundings. He is neutered, dark brown/brindle, white patch on chest and curly tail. If you have found him or spotted him please call 07727062091 or 07979817062 or dog warden.
Contact Debbie Porter on 07727062091 Contact by email
24th Aug 2017, MISSING CAT Felix - Black and White 2 yrd old male from Whitby Rugby Club, Clements Cottage, 31 Newtown, Hullavington, Chippenham, SN14 6EQ
Felix, our black and white 2 year old cat went missing from our caravan on Thursday night, 24th August, and we haven't seen him since. There have been some possible sightings around Saxon Road and Dundas Gardens but he could ultimately be anywhere. We were working at Whitby Folk week and were due to go home on Saturday 26th but are extending our stay as long as we can (we need to go Monday 28th to get back for work). He is very slender in his frame and has a white nose with a white point towards his forehead, he has black around his eyes and over his head and back. He has a white chin that leads down his neck to a white belly and white paws.

He has no collar but has been microchipped and they have up to date contact info for us. He has been neutered so is no good for breeding.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Contact Natasha Bojanowski on 07942 188956 Contact by email
9th Aug 2017, Loose dog possibly lost, Stainsacre, Whitby
Dog running loose on Scarborough road near Gowlands road end, was seen on the 2.8.17 also on the 5th and 8th tried to catch but very timid small black patterdale sort with thin red collar on think it's female.
Contact Kim knaggs on 07999586580 Contact by email
6th Aug 2017, Missing Cat - Rhubarb, 6 North Lane, Cayton
Rhubarb is missing from Cayton. She is white with black and ginger patches on her head and back. Doesn't normally go out and we miss her!
Contact Sarah Colbourne on 07399993428 Contact by email
13th Jul 2017, Missing Cat, 20 Murchison Street, Scarborough, YO12 7RW
Small Ginger and White Cat missing from Murchison Street. Very Friendly and nosey so could have wanders in to somewhere. She is an unusually small Cat. Please contact 07738411652 if found. She is microchipped but isn't wearing a collar.
Contact Elizabeth Smuk on 07738411652 Contact by email
8th Jul 2017, Missing from Crambe - rescue Dog ( newly arrived in UK), 1 Green View, Crambe
Please help us find a lost dog.
Please can you ask folk to look out for Yossi. She arrived in the UK from Romania last week as part of the Rags 2 Riches Romanian dogs rehoming charity (based in Crambe near Malton). Unfortunately she managed to escape from a very secure garden. (managing to shimmy over a 6 foot fence Before the foster carer could grab her).
Crambe is near Kirkham Priory, Malton area.
Please share!
Where Lost - Village green, Crambe
Lost In Region North East
Lost In Post Area YO60
Other Info Wearing blue collar and very short lead. Tangled briefly in electic fence and will be running scared. Newly arrived from Romania and shy but friendly
Phone 1 01653 618736
Phone 2 01904 701079
Contact Annie Robson/ Liz Jay on 01653 618736 Contact by email
17th Jun 2017, Lost 7 month old golden cocker spaniel, Fotherley Farm, Grosmont, Whitby, YO22 5QJ
Our gorgeous 7 month old golden cocker spaniel went missing from the front of our house in the Esk Valley. Saffron was only let out to go to the toilet and hasn't been seen since. We have set up a Facebook page ' Find Saffron ', the police and council have been notified, dog lost sites informed and also Petlog where she is microchipped. We are also offering a substantial reward for her safe return no questions asked, we just want our puppy home.
Contact Miss Mandy Allinson on 01947 895840 Contact by email
11th May 2017, Missing Dog, Grange Farm,Westerdale,Whitby.YO21 2DG
MISSING ..... please share my beautiful border collie went missing Thursday 11th May from home in Westerdale in North Yorkshire she is called Belle and has a microchip and address / contact number on her collar . She is a farm dog and can be timid but will come to you so If anyone has seen her locally please contact me I'm devastated .
Contact Linda Wetherall on 01287 660247 Contact by email
26th Apr 2017, Missing dog, Burniston
Missing dog near Burniston way since 2 o'clock. A black and white collie/cross that answers to the name of Dasher. Any information contact Victoria on 07583919853.
Contact Victoria on 07583919853
21st Mar 2017, Missing ginger tom cat, Catwick
Please look out for our ginger tom cat Neville missing from catwick village since 21st march reward for his safe return , microchipped
Contact Sarah on 07785336334 Contact by email
3rd Feb 2017, dog found, 237 Overdale, Scarborough
found small terrier type dog running up Overdale Now with dog warden
Contact June Rankin on +447814216279 Contact by email
25th Jan 2017, Missing Dog, 14 Aberdeen Terrace, Scarborough, YO11 1DD
Escaped from Elder street about 5pm Wednesday, rough coated terrier male, light brown head white with black patches, wearing a red and black harness type coat/ collar. Called Toby about 18 month old. Any sightings?
Contact Julie Cook on 07947388461 Contact by email
5th Jan 2017, Missing Cat (Black and White) - Newby/ Scalby / Scarborough, 6 Scholes Park Road
MISSING - Young black and white cat, distinctive white boot markings on back legs. He is called Billy and is chipped. He is fairly timid - last seen around scholes park road on 04.01.2017
Please call or email with any information - would be very much appreciated.
Contact helen ventress on 07773765667 Contact by email
29th Dec 2016, Missing dog, 56 Parkland Drive, Leeds, LS6 4PP
Connie went missing this afternoon on the Cleveland Way, about a mile from Sandsend (going in the Runswick Bay direction), near a gorge between the church at Lythe and the coast. The latest possible sighting was on the beach at Lythe Bank at 9 am on 30 December, heading for the Dunsley area. She was frightened and ran away, but will probably come for food /treats if you happen to have any on you. Friends will be coming to search again on 31 December, any sightings can be relayed to them by me. She is black, white and tan, a terrier-like face, medium size. She is tagged and chipped.
Contact Michelle Abbott on 07757128051 Contact by email
9th Dec 2016, black labrador missing, 141 north marine road
7 year old black lab male with grey beard went missing from Queens Parade/Clarence Gardens
Contact jean ljazouli on 07840905826 Contact by email
Contact JENNY BAKER on 01723 865058 Contact by email
17th Nov 2016, Missing Cat- Black & White Male, 58 Shelton Avenue, East Ayton, YO13 9HB
Missing- black and white male cat last seen Friday 11th October 8am ish. Eastfield/Osgodby area. Isn't usually out as long as this, if you have seen him please let me know and please look out for him. Thank you.
Contact Hannah on 07468884740 Contact by email
5th Aug 2016, Lolly missing from last night female grey persian please help us we are going home tommorow we really need to find her please anyone with information please contact me asp south shore holuday village she's a very frightened little girl., 2 Beacon View, South Kirkby
Help me find lolly the grey persian with pink collar.
Last seen sourh shore holuday village.
Please help us we are going home tommorow we simply carnt cope with losing her she's a very timid little thing please help anyone who may have seen her please help
Contact Mrs L chapman on 07775 862135 Contact by email
4th Jul 2016, Missing Cat, Flat 1, 10 Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 2DS
Our very much loved cat Cookie Who is all black has been missing since monday 4th july and was last seen early that morning. He never misses his food and never stays out longer than a couple of hours at a time. We are missing him very much and are going out of our minds with worry. He doesnt have a collar on as he doesnt like them at all. He is micro chipped and his vet has been informed that he is missing and also his chip company as well. If anyone has seen him we would be very greatful if you could help get him home.
Contact Zoe Panton on 07496565603 Contact by email
22nd Jun 2016, Missing cat!, 14 Belle vue Parade Scarborough
Black cat missing!!! He is microchipped! Belle vue parade Scarborough! Very worried! If anyone seen or found him please contact.
Contact Kasia on 07713604642
12th Jun 2016, Missing elderly dog, 15 cross gate lane, Pickering
Jenny is a 14 year old corgi terrier cross who escaped from londesbrough area of seamer. She usually lives in Pickering . She's white tan and black. She has problems with her back legs and is deaf and limited sight. She has chronic kidney disease and needs special diet and medication. Please let's find her whatever condition she's in. There's a reward for her return .
Contact Jillian trotter on 07752459587 Contact by email
24th May 2016, Lost white and black cat Filey, 1 peasholm ave, Scarborough
Whilst taking my cat to Filey vets it managed to escape and ran off
She's very timid we are so worried about her
Black female
Contact Jude Mitchell on 07746494953 Contact by email
3rd May 2016, Missing Black & White female cat!, 17 North Lane, Cayton, Scarborough YO11 3RZ
Black and white female cat called Guinness.
Pink collar (unless she has lost it)
Very unlike her to venture from the garden, could be hiding in someone's garden, she'd or garage...
Please help is find her.... Cayton area!
Contact Chris Hall on 07967607326 Contact by email
11th Apr 2016, Missing Dog - White Boxer, Upgang Lane, Whitby
1 White Boxer Dog has gone missing in the Upgang Lane area of Whitby.

His name is Bert, he has no collar on but is mircrochipped.

He is friendly! If you have any information, please call Eric on 07881 553774
Contact Eric on 07881 553774
*********MISSING PLEASE HELP*********
A person was seen putting a white rabbit in the boot of a red Audi, model number of the car unknown/registration no. unknown at around lunch time today, he was parked underneath the bridge next to well lane bypass, although he appeared to be trying to help the rabbit I am desperately trying to find this person as I believe this may be my missing rabbit :( if anybody has any information please contact me, thank you!! Please contact me on 01262 400972 if you have any info or you are the person that found a rabbit in/near this location
Contact Kimberley Lowery on 01262400972 Contact by email
17th Feb 2016, LOST/STOLEN DOG, Main Road, Allertson

Our Fox Red Labrador is missing. He is either lost or stolen. He doesn't have a collar. He has a white chest and has been neutered.

If you have any information please call Janette on 859 315.
Contact Janette on 01723 859315
20th Nov 2015, Missing Black cat, Falsgrave Road
Missing Black Fluffy Cat called Coco. She has no collar and is from the Falsgrave Road park/Stepney area.
Contact Danny Brooksbank on 07845 855130
10th Oct 2015, MISSING TWO AKITA DOGS BITCH WITH PUPS !! URGENT, 6 beaumont street ferryhill dl178ph, but currently staying at mothers which is 80 millford leam lane ets gateshead ne108dl
Contact JULIE STEWART on 07873839176 Contact by email
1st Oct 2015, long haired terrier - seen nr Peasholm Park, Huddersfield
Seen near Peasholm Park at the top of Peasholm gap living in the bushes next to the military adventure park a long hair terrier,mainly white with brown patches wearing a brown/beige collar. He/she popped thier head out of a gap near the first turnstile looked very shaken and scared. Tried to entice it over but it turned and went back in to the bushes as though that was its safe place. I tried to have look around but could not find it again.
Contact Jon on 07740880292
24th Aug 2015, Missing young female cat, 4 Barwick Terrace
Black & White young female,Black face to nose tip and white lower face into bib and under carriage. 2 White front paws and black to white back legs. she also has white whiskas and eyebrows .She is wearing a yellow collar and microchipped. She has never been missing before and is used to her home comforts, this little character needs to be back home with her sister. Please contact Sam with any details on 07876506849
Contact Samantha Howarth on 07876506849 Contact by email
24th Aug 2015, Missing young female cat, 4 Barwick Terrace, Scarborough YO12 7AR
Black & white young female cat, Black face down to nose and white lower face, white whiskas and eyebrows. White bib and under carriage with 2 white front paws,back legs black & white.
she is Wearing a yellow collar, she will be very frightened
Contact samantha Howarth on 07876506849 Contact by email
13th Aug 2015, Missing Chihuahua, Royal Avenue, Scarborough
Our chihuahua went missing from the garden this morning. Last seen at 8.30am. She is very small and timid and hasnt been missing before so will be very distressed. She is white with a pink and white collar. Please call Julie on 07583 875946 if you have any information! Thank you!
Contact Julie on 07583 875946
25th Jul 2015, missing dog, 174 Victoria Road, scarborough
Missing dog,14 year old jack russell, white with light brown patches. Will respond to the name ZAC. Last seen, franklin street scarborough possibly heading towards anytime
Contact john haggarty on 07787322711 Contact by email
Contact kelley wiles on 07762292666 Contact by email
1st Jul 2015, missing black yorkiepoo, 7 Raymond avenue, Loughborough, Leicestershire, le11 5yw
my friend gail lynnes is on holiday on a camp site in filey and she was walking her 2 black yorkiepoos and the female by the name of dolly ran off she is chipped. my friend is lost out there trying to look for her please could you put something on your radio.
she will not return without her. please help. she is staying on the camp site reighton sands.
Contact gail lynnes on 07738157262 Contact by email
11th Jun 2015, Missing African Grey Parrot, Whitby
An African Grey parrot has gone missing this morning from a Campervan site in Whitby.

He is dealy loved and his owenr is distraught.

If you see him, please contact Jill on 07955 577637.
Contact Jill on 07955 577637
1st Jun 2015, Missing Tabby Cat, Hibernia Street, Scarbororough
Please can you all keep an eye open for our lost cat 'TUBS'. He is a mackeral tabby, who last escaped the house on monday the 1st, he is male, neutered, green eyes, red collar reading his name TUBS and has fairly dwarved legs. He is extremely shy, but also incredibly friendly, posters for visual aid to be seen at: Hibernia, Manor Road Stores, the phonebox and Sainsburys end of cindertrack. If found dead, alive or hold any further information, please could you contact KITTY on 01723 314237. Thankyou hope to hear from you! He is sorely missed.
Contact Kitty Craggs on 01723 314237
24th May 2015, Missing dog, 29 nether edge road, Sheffield, S7 1RW
Our family dog went missing on Filey beach on 24th May 2015 at the Hunmaby end. We are on holiday from Sheffield. She's a staffie Jack Russell cross with a distinctive 2" scar on her left cheek. She's predominantly white with back spots on her skin and copper collared ears and face. She's wearing a blue collar with a tag with my number and confirming she's micro chipped. Our children are devastated. Please help us find her. My number is 07707 112535. Thank you.
Contact Jane wheatley on 07707 112535 Contact by email
11th May 2015, Missing Bengal female. She has babies so needs to be home., 4 the orchard, Burniston, Yo13 0jg
Answers to Minnie. She's bald behind her left ear. As she recent had an abscess. She also has six 3 week old kittens. So she's full of milk. These babies really want their mum so please could you check garages shed and cars as she like getting in cars. We are in Burniston. Please if you have any news good or bad please let us know! Thankyou Jamie.
Contact Jamie on 07902056796
8th May 2015, Spook's home!, Scarborough
Many thanks to the lovely person who found my dog and handed him in to the local vets which led to me being able to track him down. You are a star :-)
Contact Tracey Woodward on 07786133046
7th May 2015, Missing cat x, 52 the meads, Eastfield
Tabby female missing x
Hi, my name is poppy, I am 1 years old and I went missing from my home in eastfield last night, I am very timid and scared, unfortunately I am not chipped as I am going next week to be chipped and neutered. I dont usually go out of my garden and my mummies are missing me so much, please please help me get back home x
Thank you x
(I have one ginger hind leg so very distinctive and hard to miss)
Contact Laura wood on 07802 715984 Contact by email
7th May 2015, Lost Black Lab, Scarborough
Spook has gone missing today. Please help me find him. He is a 5 year old black lab- very friendly, much loved and missed.
Thank you
Contact Tracey Woodward on 07786133046
16th Apr 2015, Missing dog, 39 Main Street, Seamer
Our border terrier went missing on Thurs 16 April. Last seen in the woods at Knipe Point, Cayton. There are posters up in the area, it's logged with the dog warden, RSPCA and local vets. She's micro chipped and the chip company know she's missing. She's on the Scarborough Lost Pets page on Facebook and logged on Dogs Lost UK. If anyone has any information please get in touch. Thank you
Contact Angela and Keith Morris on 07708 008465 Contact by email
24th Feb 2015, MISSING: MALE HUSKY., Trafalgar Square, Scarborough
Many people will have seen about Diesel on facebook.
Diesel is a male, black, white and Grey Siberian Husky. He has a cyst behind his eight ear and two scarce scars on the inside of his front right leg.

He went missing on the old Scarborough to Whitby railway lines, 2 miles from Ravenscar. He's been missing just over 5 months now and we have heard absolutely nothing!
If you know of someone that has bought a husky in good faith or found a dog and kept it thinking they are doing the right thing, please let me know as he is very dearly missed!
He's about 11 but were not entirely sure as he was a rescue- although he has the energy of a much younger dog when out and about and was in very good condition :(
Contact Christina Grant on 07564172621
18th Feb 2015, LOST CAT, 8 Matson Close, Bridlington, East Yorkshire
Lexi has been missing since the 18th Febuary 2015, was last seen around the Meadow Road area on West Hill (Bridlington). She's a very fluffy tortoise shell cat and was wearing a pink collar. She's very friendly. She has a ginger spot on the top of her head and a slight shaved patch as her side where she was neutered. SHE IS MICRO CHIPPED. Please keep an eye out for Lexi around the West Hill area.
Contact Abigail Ward on 01262 603290 Contact by email
4th Feb 2015, Missing black kitten white nose, 8, Windmill Drive Filey YO14 0FD
Our kitten is missing since Sunday. She has a shaved patch and paw as she has been sterilized. We are anxious to get her back as she needs her stitches removed. Please check your sheds and garages in Filey and Muston. Thank you.
Contact Rosemary Harrison on 01734 515572 Contact by email
30th Jan 2015, Missing Dog - Please Help!, Wykeham Woods Area
Please help! My dog went missing this morning (Thursday 29th January) in Wykeham woods at 7.30am. We have been looking for her ever since and are worried for her safety. She is a white staffy with large ginger patches. She is wearing a pink and black collar and answers to the name Peaches or Pup. She is a very friendly little dog who will be very worried to be lost. Please call Alex on 07885672515 if you have any information. She is very special dog who regularly visits schools and elderly peoples homes as a Pets as Therapy dog. Many people will be lost without her including our family and my four year old son.
Contact Alex on 1
19th Jan 2015, MISSING CAT - WHEATCROFT AREA, 164 Filey Road, Scarborough
Missing Cat - Wheatcroft/Osgodby/Filey road area. Billy is 3 years old with thick beige and white fur. He has a white chest and white paws. Very fluffy. He is a friendly cat and has been missing since Sat 17th January.
Contact Hayley Correia on 07768571997 Contact by email
7th Nov 2014, Missing Dog, Sheffield
Please keep an eye out for Missing Dog Shadow from Sheffield. Shadow, a Crossbreed Husky, could be any where now. He is microchipped.
Contact Wendy on 07717 433733
3rd Nov 2014, Missing Parrot, Eastfield
My African grey parrot went missing yesterday afternoon at about 1pm (02.11.14). He is grey with red tail feathers and answers to the name Walter. He has gone missing from the Manham Hill area in Eastfield. We have had him for 17 years and he has never been out before so we are not sure how he will cope. Please contact me if you have any information.
Contact Julie Marmington on 07928125422
Contact KAREN JAMES on 07969125884
10th Oct 2014, missing dog, Bar Farm, High Hutton, Malton,, North Yorkshire YO60 7HZ
Contact karen James on 07969125884 Contact by email
4th Oct 2014, Lost Black Labrador, Scalby Road, Scarborough
Please keep an eye out for my black Labrador.

He escaped from our house somewhere between 7 and 11pm on Saturday night (4/10/14).

I live on Scalby Road near the end of woodlands ravine.

Unfortunately I have no idea which direction he took but where ever he went would be slow as he's old and has a large lump on his right shoulder.

A reward will be made to RSPCA thanking everyone for their kind help.

If you have any information please contact Mike
Contact Mike on 07802921317
23rd Sep 2014, Lost Bengal Eagle owl, 11 Sands Lane Hunmanby
Lost our Bengal Eagle owl in Hunmanby on Friday night. Possibly been picked up by someone near Flixton. Large owl, dark orange and black markings .Still has his leather jessis attached to his legs.
Contact Andrew Ewart on 01723890046 Contact by email
15th Aug 2014, Missing Cat, 55 seafield avenue, Osgodby, Scarborough, YO11 3QQ
Has anyone in the osgodby area seen our cat Sophie?

Shes a black kitten with a red collar and bell. She is very friendly and will climb on your shoulder is picked up.

Shes not been home since friday 15th August for food, but has been seen around the Seafield Avenue area.

Please share, we want her back so much.
Contact Dave Giddings on 07813892585 Contact by email
12th Aug 2014, missing cat, hatterboard drive
just to let you know black fluffy cat has turned up safe and well
Contact june on 01723371343
11th Aug 2014, missing cat, 64 hatterboard drive scarborough
lost hatterboard drive black fluffy its an house cat and we think it got out through an open window
Contact june on 01723371343
8th Aug 2014, LOST DOG - Friday 8th August, Long West Gate, Old Town, Scarborough
Our black and white spaniel cross lurcher was hit by a car earlier this morning. He had no visible injuries but since it happened has gone missing.

He could be shocked/hurt/frightened. Please get in touch if you have seen him.

He goes by the name of Fred/Freddy. He isnt used to being in a town as we are visiing family and he is a country dog.

He is a very friendly black and white dog, with no collar on. He should be in the Old Town area of Scarborough.

Please call us if you have found him and we can collect him from wherever he is. We are very upset!
Contact Andrew Doughty on 07771 766239
27th Jun 2014, Ferret Found, Scarborough Pets, 5 Ramshill Road, Scarborough, YO11 2LN
Ferret found oriel Crescent area. Creamy-yellow colored. If this is your pet or you know who's it is please contact us ASAP as we are unable to keep it in the shop. Many thanks
Contact Scarborough Pets on 01723362101 Contact by email
27th Jun 2014, Ferret Found, Jewson's builders' merchant, Brook Street, (off Northway), Scarborough.
Ferret found in yard of Jewson's builders' merchants on Brook Street in Scarborough this morning...please contact if you've lost one.
Contact Bob on 01723 363441
25th Jun 2014, Missing Cat, Flat1 20 South Street Scarborough YO11 2BP
25th June 2014 8pm, 20 South Street Scarborough, Missing Black & White Kitten 9 months old wearing Black & Orange tiger stripe collar answers to name of 'GIZZY'. if found please contact me Mark Scotchbrook on 07837164280
Contact Mark Scotchbrook on 07837164280
21st Jun 2014, missing black cat, 26 high street. Eastfield. Scarborough. Yo11 3lj
Missing 10 month old male cat... black with a glittery silver collar and bell.. his name (voland) and my address on the inside of collar.. he is microchipped.. is normally shy towards strangers.. last seen 830pm saturday 21st june.. he has never strayed before and normally follows us around.. all vets and council have been informed.. please check your sheds especially in the eastfield/cayton area... we are all devastated by his loss
Contact julie birdsall on 07445157027
11th Jun 2014, missing cat, 27 the croft. Newby. Scarborough
Family cat missing since wednesday from the croft in newby. Black and white longhair male. Friendly but shy. Wearing a black and red striped collar. Likes to hide in small spaces. Please check in garden sheds. Garages etc. We miss him very much as does his brother.
Contact rebecca woolass on 07969745750 Contact by email
5th Jun 2014, MISSING DOG, --Select--, 40 MAPLE DRIVE, SCARBOROUGH
Contact Trish Kinsella on 07989950668 Contact by email
Contact Nicola sinclair on 01262400309 Contact by email
13th Feb 2014, Missing Cat!, Sewerby, Bridlington
Missing Siamese Cat!

Please help us find our Siamese cat, Coca!

She has no collar on and should be in the Sewerby area.

She is a loved family pet and house cat and we just want her home.

There will be a reward for whoever gets her back to us.

If found please let the local vets or rspca know as they are aware of the situation.

She has been missing since 7 o clock this morning and is not used to being outside.
Contact eeee on 1
13th Feb 2014, Lost Dog!, 24 Harley Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Missing King Charles Cavallier, called Fudge. He is all brown and should be in the Falsgrave area. Please help us find him! Call 01723 639615 if you have any information.
Contact Rhianna Thurston on 1
29th Jan 2014, missing cat, 18 Westbourne Grove, Scarborough, Yo112dl
His name is Winston. He doesn't normally go out but when he does it's on a night and he is always waiting at the door the following morning. He is from the south cliff area but we think he may be further a field. He has white paws and chest/belly and the rest of his body is black. He is a smallish cat being only 10 month old. We miss him sooo much and want him home safe. Please don't hesitate to contact me if he is seen.
Contact Linda Greenwood on 07794131350 Contact by email
9th Jan 2014, MISSING CAT, 41 St. John's road Scarborough
My cat went missing on the 9th Jan. he doesn't usually leave the house and when he does he is never out for very long. There is possibility that he has been hurt by dogs as a neighbour saw a dog chasing him, he will be very scared. He is quite large, black with a white chest and white bottom lip. He has very large white whiskers. Very friendly cat and responds to the name Archie
Contact Erin Gibbs on 07855757412
6th Jan 2014, narla missing staffi, Flat 2 51_53 trinity road Bridlington east riding yo15 2hf
My sister has a staffi called narla who is Brown and white she has three legs she was in the back garden doing her business and she managed to escape out of the back gate she has been missing for 4 days now and all vets have been contacted dog wardens, kennels, even rail services have been contacted people are looking family and friends she has escaped before but have been returned the next day or on the same night if anyone knows of narla`s were abouts can you please contact us ASAP she is a well loved family pet and we miss her dearly :(
Contact victoria on 07989194204
3rd Jan 2014, Pickle, 71 Napier Crescent, Seamer, YO12 4HX
Pickle is our little black cat with a white patch on her tummy and back paws. She is wary of strangers but micro chipped. She has been missing since yesterday tea time. She is inquisitive so we hope she is in a shed or garage.
Contact Laura Glass on 07917345327 Contact by email
22nd Dec 2013, found a dog, 23 brookland road
Found american bulldog type. About 2 years old. Lovely dog. Given to dog warden. Would the owner please please get him. Couldnt hold him for u as have my own pets.
Contact helen on 01262228556
21st Dec 2013, lost cat lilac point birman, 40 beacon rd, seamer, scarborough
Isis, Lilac point Birman missing from seamer area since Saturday evening. Please contact 01723 862926
Contact margaret forsyth on 01723862926 Contact by email
16th Dec 2013, Lost tabby and white cat, Northstead
Lost cat. Tabby with white bottom of face, feet and chest. Very affectionate. Missing from the Northstead area of Scarborough. Much loved and missed. Please help bring Jake home for Christmas. Please contact Shirley on 01723 368503. Thank you.
Contact Shirley on 01723 368503
14th Dec 2013, Dogs stolen, 26dunn grove, Eastfield, Scarborough
These dogs were stolen out of their kennels in day time, they are much loved dogs, the grand kids are missing them badly but worst of all we are worried who has got them? Are they ok? Are they being abused? Please help and share this as much as possible
Contact Lisa till on 01723449213 Contact by email
25th Nov 2013, Missing Dog!, Scarborough
Blue staffy puppy around 7 months old went missing last night on the North Bay. Gracie has 4 white paws, white chest and a red collar. The rest of her is a grey colour. She is from a family of other dogs and her owner is missing her terribly! Please contact Sam on 01723 871414 or 07526102541 if you have any information. Please help to bring Gracie home!
Contact Sam on 01723 871414
18th Nov 2013, Missing Cat! :(, 3 Peasholm Cottages, Scarborough, YO12 7TL
Black cat with white back paws just on tips, and white patch under belly and front. Wearing pink and purple collar with bell. Is micro-chipped.
Contact Kathy Whiting on 07732221846
6th Nov 2013, Found Labrador!, Wykeham Street
4.10pm on Wednesday 6th November.
Black labrador puppy found in the wykeham street area.
Please call Pauline Clark on 0772080711 for more information.
Contact Rhianna Thurston on 1
28th Oct 2013, FOUND COCKATIEL, Scarborough
A cockatiel has been found outside Scarborough Railway Station at approximately 1.30pm on Monday 28th October. The bird seems friendly but was very hungry. Please contact 07791478385 for more information as the animal is currently safe at the home of the lady who found it.
Contact Mrs.Fowler on 07791478385
13th Oct 2013, Lost BrownTerrier, Scarborough
Beloved terrier Jackson has gone missing somewhere between Cloughton Wyke and Hayburn Wyke.

Jackson is a little brown terrier with a red collar. Anyone in the area today, the 14th October please bear this in mind and if you see a little shaken terrier it's likely to be Jackson.

Please call 01723 364452.
Contact Iain Sellers on 01723 364452
21st Sep 2013, MISSING DOG, 38 quarry mount seamer road scarborough
Missing Yorkshire terrier cross, goes by the name of Kaisha. She was being looked after in the Alga Terrace area of south cliff Scarborough.she lives along the back of seamer road (quarry mount) but so far she hasn't found her way home. If you spot her please get in touch! She was seen yesterday lunchtime in the valley road area but not since then. Thanks!
Contact Tricia on 07881206882 Contact by email
20th Sep 2013, Lost Kitten, Moor Lane, Newby, Scarborough
Lost Kitten from Moor Lane, Newby in Scarborough.
5 month old, grey, male kitten.
He is microchipped, but has no collar.

Please contact if you have found him, or just seen him somewhere, we are desperate to have him back home with us again.
Contact Jodie on 07824558949
16th Sep 2013, Lost Bird of Prey, 58 Dale Edge, Eastfield.
Lost bird of prey, (specifically, species is Kestrel).
Lost in the Overdale area.
Report anything immediately, tame/friendly bird, but may feel threatened, so do not try to approach or keep.

Please contact with any information immediately to Animal House Wildlife Welfare (rescue and rehabilitation of birds of prey) on 07581219803.
Contact Trevor Buckroyd on 07581219803
2nd Sep 2013, Lost Cat, 31 Hungate, Brompton-by-Sawdon, Scarborough, YO13 9DW.
LOST CAT - Our 3 year old, male, white Bengal cat was last seen near our home in Brompton on Monday 2nd of Sept '13. He is quite small, slender, with white fur and light brown spotted markings on him. He has large, blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a red collar with a blue pendant tag on it. IF YOU KNOW ANYONE IN OUR AREA PLEASE CONTACT THEM TO CHECK THEIR GARAGES/SHEDS & OUTBUILDINGS FOR HIM! Thanks very much. Neil Jackson.
Contact Neil Jackson on 01723 850161 Contact by email
20th Aug 2013, Missing Dog, 50, Barrowcliff Road, Scarborough YO12 6EX
Tricolour border collie "Rascal" lost about 8pm at Burton Riggs Lakes near Eastfield.

Lives on Barrowcliff.

The dog was wearing a tag with all his details on it.
Contact Danielle on 07456 077179
29th Jul 2013, Missing Cat, 26 Cornelian Drive, Scarborough, YO11 3AJ
Missing male Bengal cat from the Cornelian/Holbeck area of Scarborough. He was wearing a red collar with a bell when he was last seen. Very friendly and curious cat that may well wonder into your home/shed/car...! PLease check if he is there, we are very worried. Please call 07884 118570 with any information.
Contact Victoria Gibson on 07884 118570 Contact by email
13th Jul 2013, Lost Cat, Belmont Road, Scarborough, YO11 2AA
We have lost our lovely silver tabby cat and would be grateful if anyone could look out for him. He lives and was last seen in the Esplanade area of Scarborough on Saturday afternoon. He is mainly silver tabby (with a little brown) and is small in size. He is very friendly and likes a fuss.He doesn't have a collar on but is micro chipped. Any information, please email. Many thanks
Contact Tess on 07833627865 Contact by email
9th Jul 2013, MISSING DOG, 14, Newlands Park Road, Scarborough
Small,very fluffy, white/black/grey dog (female) name PEBBLES. gone missing from garden in Newlands area, Tues. evening.Very friendly,but will probably be frightened because has never been off lead/alone. PLEASE HELP! children/family fretting. any info gratefully received . please tel. 501336 or 870938 thankyou
Contact Marie on 01723 501336
4th Jul 2013, Missing ginger cat, 4 asquith avenue, scarborough, yo12 4eu
Family cat missing from Asquith Avenue off Seamer Road, hasn't been seen in 2 weeks. Very big, long haired ginger male with amber eyes, no other colours on him. Not wearing a collar but he is microchipped. We are desperate to have him home, please check all outhouses/sheds etc. Any information please contact Annette on 07914695660
Contact Robyn Scott on 07914695660 Contact by email
2nd Jun 2013, Missing Cat, 70 James Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Black and White Female cat, no collar but microchipped. Last seen on James Street, Scarborough yesterday afternoon. Answers to name of 'Stealth'. Please check your garages and sheds if you live around this area as she may have become trapped.
Contact Diana Logan on 07730 314869 Contact by email
28th May 2013, Found Female Ferret, 156a Falsgrave Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5BE
Found Female Ferret Burniston Area. Please contact Cundall & Duffy Veterinary Surgeons on 01723 375947
Contact Cundall & Duffy Veterinary Surgeons on 01723 375947
25th May 2013, lost puppy, 3 new queen street scarbrough
lost buddie 11 week old terrier brown n black . black rownd edge ov ears white beard . 5 inches high .
Contact joanne on 07596109407 Contact by email
18th May 2013, Missing ginger and white cat, 30 Middle Walk, Northstead, Scarborough
Lost: Very friendly, large ginger and white male cat in the Northstead area. Answers to Benny. Has strayed before and was found around Prospect Rd/Garfield Rd area so please check outhouses and gardens. Companion to an elderly man who is missing him very much. He is microchipped. Benny has a distinctive nose area which sets him aside from other cats.
Contact John Burt on 07760395488
17th May 2013, lost parrot, low farm littlebeck whitby yo22 5ey
please help us to find our african grey parrot he escaped after our house was on fire in littlebeck whitby,he has red feathers mixed in with the grey feathers.
Contact paula thompson on 07765 550856 Contact by email
3rd May 2013, Found saluki male dog, Eastgate house farm, Stoney Haggs road, Seamer, Scarborough
Found saluki fawn coloured entire dog v friendly took ages to catch has been a stray for a month ! This boy needs to find his owners ! Now trusting us and eating food v skinny :( please contact ASAP Thankyou
Contact A Simpson on 01723865825
1st Apr 2013, Missing Cat "JAKE", 41 Ling Hill, Scarborough, YO12 5HS
Missing from Ling Hill Newby (close to St Catherine's Hospice) since Easter Monday - very pale (almost beige coloured) ginger male with white star under his neck. Chipped & neutered but with a tendency to wander off at times - please call if you have any information whether the news be good or bad. We are desperate to know what's happened to him. Many thanks indeed
Contact Julia Lawrence on 07985 813 698 Contact by email
26th Feb 2013, Missing pet chickens, Eastgate, Seamer,Scarborough
My children's pet chickens have been missing since Tuesday 26th feb. They went missing in Seamer.They are called Lucy which is a white one and Belinda is a big brown one. Please help as my little boy's are desperate to get them home.
Contact Kelly Hunter on 07759392968
16th Feb 2013, lost cat, 6 lonsdale road, south cliff Scarborough
lost from lonsdale road, south cliff.
small black cat with white on front paws and on chin.
Contact joanne Ireland on 07763569233 Contact by email
10th Feb 2013, Dog Lost Scarborough, not known.
Jess, a ginger Patterdale Terrier cross ran off into the woods at Cayton Bay. Her tail sticks straight up and is lighter than her coat. She is wearing a collar and tag and is chipped. She isn't from the area and will be very scared. Please help to find her!
Contact Jackie on 07739317857
7th Feb 2013, missing dog, 120 a matson road bridlington
missing dog called missy, may be scared last seen on barrys lane please help!!!!!
Contact adele haley on 07526285708
2nd Feb 2013, lost 9month. kitten, 3 Dunn Grove eastfield
Lost9month kitten answers to bonnie black white and ginger lost dale edge Dunn grove area of eastfield last seen sun 2a/2/3013 please help bonnie is my small daughters pet and she is missing her thanku.
Contact rachel on 01723 269057
1st Jan 2013, missing dog, 35 applegarth lane bridlington, yo16 7lf
lost black labrador x bitch 18mths old
last seen in pinfold lane and bempton lane area
her name is jesse and she is very timid on approach
Contact sally atkinson on 07888372027 Contact by email
2nd Dec 2012, MISSING DOG, 66 northgate,hunmanby.yo14onx
Shitzu/Pomeranian Dog grey/brown named CUPE Microchipped lost from Northgate in Hunmanby early hours of Sunday 2nd Dec. Dog has bottom jaw overbite.
Contact andrea germaine on 07743418650 Contact by email
24th Nov 2012, Missing dogs, BARLEYCROFT, south Street, Burton Fleming
2 working cocker spaniels in the Flixton area, one chocolate brown ,one black with white bib, went missing on Saturday morning 24/11/2012,
Police informed and dog warden .If found please ring 07989496731 or 01262 470492 or email
Contact Vicky Mcdermott on 01262470492 Contact by email
20th Nov 2012, Missing Cat, 19 Sandringham Street
Domino has been missing since Nov20th. He is a black and white Cat (White nose/cheeks, black chin/eyes/forehead). Full details are on the website link.
Contact David on 01723378586 Contact by email
14th Nov 2012, Missing Cat, 25 Briefcliffe, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 6NR
Grey in his entirety and microchipped. He was last seen in the Briefcliffe area on Wednesday (14th Nov) evening
Contact Karen Barber on 07727488559
3rd Nov 2012, Missing Dog, Raven Hall Hotel, Raven Hall Road, Ravenscar, Scarborough, yo130et
Black and white Border Collie bitch, answers to the name of Jilly. Will come to you if you tell her, was lost this morning in the Ravenscar area.

Belongs to guests staying at the Raven Hall Hotel. Please contact Raven Hall on the number provided if found, this is very important as she belongs to an Grandpa celebrating his 80th Birthday tommorrow.

Thank you in advance.
Contact Mr Nixon on 01723 870353 Contact by email
24th Oct 2012, missing cat, 10 grange road bridlington
missing male cat 6 month old white on his front and on his back he is like a tabby colour last seen near priory church friday morning
Contact jeff on 01262678358 Contact by email
17th Oct 2012, missing dog, 59 sandringham st, scarborough
missing shis tzu dog brindle in colour no collar or chip called henry went from sandringham st area please call if you have him or seen him 07851129063 or 01723375191
Contact lianne dunn on 07851129063 Contact by email
15th Oct 2012, x2 Missing Dogs, 186 Queensgate, Bridlington, YO16 6RW
In the Staxton area near the shell garage behind spring willows camp site. X2 dogs missing. A American Akita, Black and fawn with white paws and white tip on her curly tail answers to the name of Kia and is microchipped.. Lilly - Cross Labradoodle long hair chocolate brown with white highlights on top of her head. Wearing a purple collar with white pokadots. Both friendly but will be scared!! Please help or get in touch if you see my poochies.. Last seen running into the woods at back of the camp site as stated above... Thank you..
Contact Lauren Hunter on 07803359933 Contact by email
18th Sep 2012, Missing Cat, 45,Farside Road, West Ayton, Scarborough, YO13 9LE
Much loved Pale Ginger, young cat.
Approx 9 months old, tends to be very timid,
Lost from home, please check in locality in Gagages and Sheds
Contact Mrs A Brown on 01723 865545
10th Sep 2012, missing dog, 112 main street cayton
Mia is a Terrie cross in season she went missing from my home on main street she sandy colour n dark. She has a pink tatty collar with a yellow tag saying scan me she has a chip please if any1 finds her ring any time 01723 259452
Contact charlotte on 01723 259452 Contact by email
9th Sep 2012, Lost Cat, 23 Gladstone Road, Scarborough
Contact Maria Hunter on 07891 126056 Contact by email
3rd Aug 2012, Missing Cat, 64 St John's Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Please can any one help us find our cat Mouse. She is small for her age 3 on 4th August very pretty tabby cat with green eyes. No Colar but she is chipped, vaccinated and insured and there is a reward for her return. Her companion cat, her brother is pinning for her in fact our whole family is missing her terribly.
Contact Alix Cook on 01723501037 Contact by email
26th Jun 2012, Missing Cat, 45 Franklin Street Scarborough.
We have lost our Black & White long haired Cat called Fluffy, she is mostly Black, with some White on her face and White paws.She has no collar. Reward for her safe return, please help!!
Contact Natalie Wakefield on 07807125718 Contact by email
21st Jun 2012, Tabby Cat Lost, 64 St John's Road Scarborough North Yorkshire YO12 5ET
Hi my daughter's cat Maus (pronounced mouse )went missing when she went out for her evening walk before bed just after 12pm on 20/06/12. She is a brown black grey and ginger tabby with green eyes.
It is Natasha's 18th birthday this week and all she wants is her beloved friend Maus back. Please help.
Contact Alix Bartlett-Cook on 01723501037 Contact by email
4th May 2012, Lost Cat, North Road, Loftus
Small White Cat with Grey Patches missing since 28th April. Please call with any info 01287 642531
Contact Sarah Jane Evans on 01287 642531
28th Apr 2012, Missing Cat, 34b Main Street Seamer
Whisky, ginger Tom aged 12, went missing from Seamer. Is fairly big has a white bib and black spots on his nose. Very friendly and much missed family pet. He has been micro chipped. Contact 07791209108
Contact Helen Rokes on 07791209108 Contact by email
26th Apr 2012, missing cats, ash grove s'bro
shy tabby female cat 'sparkle', white face & pink nose, approx 7 yrs, last seen thurs teatime. also all ginger male cat 'chicken', approx 9 months old, very friendly, also last seen thurs. much loved and missed by both families....pls contact with any details
Contact janet on 07941008194 Contact by email
17th Apr 2012, lost lhaso apso dog, 94 aysgarth rise, bridlington
lost dog lhaso apso. grey and brown. 4years old answers to Henry. x
Contact beckie on 07779926442
14th Apr 2012, missing cat, the parkway newby scarborough
black male cat 4 years old wearing blue collar microchipped missing from the parkway newby last seen 7 am sat 14 april any information please telephone 07986592071
Contact helen on 07986592071
13th Apr 2012, missing dog, 107 gildercliffe scarborough
male brindle staffy/english bull terrier answers to the name of mutsy, missing from gildercliffe yesterday afternoon. he is my mums dog he is chipped the address is correct but the phone number is wrong . please get in touch if you see him.
Contact melanie calder on 07898781320 Contact by email
12th Apr 2012, MISSING DOG, 6 Albion Street Driffield
Contact Lynn Woodville on 07847952552 Contact by email
28th Feb 2012, Lost Cockateal., Burton Agnes Area
Yellow, Grey and White Cockateal
Comes to the name Billy JOe
Fairly Tame, 2 Year old
Lost in the Burton Agnes Area please call 01262 490438 or 01262 490080
Contact Barbara Grimshaw on 01262 490438
23rd Jan 2012, Lost Black Terrier, Between Wykeham & Ruston, nr Scarborough
Lost Black Terrier, between Wykeham & Rudston, White Chest, Long tail arounhd 3 years old.
Possible sighting nr Cinder Tracks Nr Scarborough.
Please call with any information.
JOdie Fenton 07957 999892
Contact Jodie Fenton on 07957999892
4th Jan 2012, Lost Cat, Osgodby Area
Stanley Went Missing on the 28th December, hes a Cream/Grey Tabby with Black Stripes, Entire male cat, 8 months old.
Has been sighted in Eastfield.
Had a black sparkly coller on when he went missing any sightings please call 01723 581697
Contact Leah Smith on 01723 581697
15th Dec 2011, Missing Dog Bridlington, Bridlington
Black and white collie cross went missing on Woldgate on Wednesday afternoon. He has a red collar. He's tagged and microchipped and his name is Max. Please contact Denise with any information.
Contact Denise on 07966 485364
9th Dec 2011, missing dog, 12 northway crescent mirfield west Yorkshire
My husky went missing from my back garden in mirfield on the 9th of December please help me find him me and my children miss him dearly. He is White/grey and blue eyes thanks
Contact Emma on 01924502353 Contact by email
9th Dec 2011, missing dog, 12 northway crescent mirfield west Yorkshire
My husky went missing from my back garden in mirfield on the 9th of September please help me find him me and my children miss him dearly. He is White/grey and blue eyes thanks
Contact Emma on 01924502353 Contact by email
26th Nov 2011, Found Dog, 98 Herdborough Road, Eastfield, Scarborough
Found a german shepard dog running around Herborough Road and surrounding streets this morning. Its a female German Shepard with some very distinctive marks. We decided to keep her here because she didnt do very well in Dunslow Vets kennels. She is stunning and needs to go home. She is microchipped but was sold and it has not been updated to her new owners.
Contact Paul Marshall on 01723 582152 Contact by email
1st Nov 2011, Found Kitten, Scalby Road
6 weeks - 3 Months old in the Scalby Area please call 07932 216847
Contact Mr Wilby on 07932 216847
18th Sep 2011, Lost Yellow Cockatiel, 8 raincliffe avenue
Our yellow cockatiel flew out on friday 9th sept. Hes been seen in various places around scarborough - seamer road - moor lane newby - and this morning he was on victoria road. He will respond to whistles but he wont come down as hes only a baby and not very tame yet. If you see him or are able to get him we are offering a reward for his safe return
Contact nicola on 07522203017
13th Sep 2011, Lost Cockatoo, Scarborough
Lost cockatoo - Bright yellow male bird last seen in the Falsgrave Area. Please call.
Contact Nicola Reading on 07522203017
13th Sep 2011, Lost Dog, Cayton
Lost Dog

Cocker Spaniel called Tia, chocolate Brown – skinny and has tail docked. The dog has a 2 week old puppy so the owners are quite frantic trying to find the dog, but she ran out the back gate at Cayton yesterday as the wind blew the gate open.

Karen: 01723 584269
Nicola: 07875740119
Contact Nicola on 07875740119
5th Sep 2011, missing cat, 61 West Road, Filey, North Yorkshire, YO14 9ND
Missing cat from the west road area of filey. Answers to the name of Cole. He is a large black and white cat. Anyone with any information pls contact the above number or address. Last seen in the early hours of Monday the 5th September. Thank you
Contact Angela Miles on 01723449319 Contact by email
15th Aug 2011, Lost - BEAUTIFUL BLACK MALE CAT, 8 Shelford Park Avenue, Great Shelford
Beutiful all black young cat lost in north yorkshire. Not neutered not chipped slim cat larg ears small delicate face & nose. Sorely missed.
Contact Sarah on 07881533509 Contact by email
7th Aug 2011, missing dog since march, Filey YO14
Did anyone find an elderly dog , male ginger with some white , went missing in march YO14 area possibly sighted in scarborough. owner still looking ,desperate for news any information please email
Contact chris on 07887532671 Contact by email
28th Jul 2011, Lost Dog, Hovingham Drive. Scarborough
Lost Black & White Springer x Colly Bitch lost Thurs 28th Afternoon. No coller as she has neck problems.
Anyone with any information please call 07949257852
Contact Andy Shore on 07949 257852
18th Jul 2011, Missing cat missy 1 1/2 microhip fluffy x, 157 Dean road scarborough
Very loved fluffy black and White cat 1 1/2 years old very nervous named missy! Indoor cat so very nervous !!! Went missing Monday 18 July !! Contact Barry /Julie 01723 367363
Contact Julie longhorn on 01723 367363 Contact by email
14th Jul 2011, Lost Dog, East Ayton Area
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Brindle Bitch
5 Years old please call if you have info.
Contact Mrs Sheppard on 0775967245
9th Jul 2011, MISSING YELLOW BUDGIE!!, 37 Wentworth Road, Bridlington, East Yorkshire YO16 4AB
Contact Danielle Hubbard and James Child on 07988184735
8th Jul 2011, Lost Budgie, Old Town Bridlington
Yellow Budgie with blue marks on his chin male budgie. Family pet.
Last seen Friday afternoon. Anyone with any info please call 01262 673988
Contact Mr Slater on 01262 673988
5th Jul 2011, Missing Cat, Stepney Drive, Scarborough
Missing Sandy Coloured long haired female cat please call 363100 or 352631 if you have any info.
Contact sade on 9
1st Jul 2011, MISSING YELLOW LABRADOR, Swanbeck Farm, Scalby Nabs, Scalby, Scarborough, YO13 0SL
Belle is a dark yellow labrador who went missing 8am Friday morning. She was last seen around Carr Lane area in Scalby at 3pm Friday afternoon. If you have any information please get in touch as she is a very much loved pet. Thank You.
Contact Ian Atkinson on 01723 363493 Contact by email
31st May 2011, Found Parakeet, West Cliff Whitby
Found Parakeet, Station Avenue, West Cliff, Whitby
Call 07956601988 for more details
Contact a on 07956601988
26th Apr 2011, Missing Dog, 10 Pinfold Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 7AE
Milly our Jack Russell went missing on Tuesday 26 April from between Octon and Foxholes she is 13 but does not look it she is white with tan on her face ears and near her tail which is short. We miss her and are so very concerned for her safety . Please give me a call on 07788988 582 . Thank you
Contact Amanda Gresham on 07788 988 582 Contact by email
26th Apr 2011, Missing Dog, 10 Pinfold Street, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO16 7AE
Milly our Jack Russell went missing on Tuesday 26 April from between Octon and Foxholes she is 13 but does not look it she is white with tan on her face ears and near her tail which is short. We miss her and are so very concerned for her safety . We are offering a reward for her safe return. Thank you
Contact Amanda Gresham on 07788 988 582 Contact by email
24th Apr 2011, missing dog, Apt B, 6 Weaponness Park Scarborough
Missing late Saturday night, black cocker spaniel by the name of Charlton - has collar with details. Deep dale area. please contact us if you have any information at all, thank you
Contact Kate Hill on 07834915712
23rd Apr 2011, found young male ferret, 28 the green, newby
found young male ferret newby area, could of been missing a few days as he was starving, contact 07805049169 if you have lost him
Contact steve blakey on 07805049169
19th Apr 2011, Missing Cat, 22 Rockingham Drive, Scarborough
FIND FELIX!! He's a fluffy Black and White old cat who accidentally caught a ride from near Yorkshire coast college on his owners trailer. They drove via racecourse road all the way to seamer tip so he could be anywhere in between. please phone 01723 366614 if you have any info..
Contact Eddie Goodwin on 01723 366614 Contact by email
20th Mar 2011, Bengal Eagle Owl, 1 main street, boynton, east yorkshire, yo16 4xl
Lost over BOYNTON area,I raised her from an egg, so very special.
She still has jesses on, red ring number kn1.Last seen in the trees around BOYNTON. thank you
Contact gail edmond on 07901571914 Contact by email
23rd Feb 2011, Missing Collie pup, Moor Farm, Reighton Gap, Filey YO14 9SQ
Our Boarder collie pup Mollie who is 7 months old went missing tuesday night from Reighton Gap. She has a multi coloured collar on and is very friendly. Please help us find our dog we all miss her so much.
Contact Charlotte Davey on 01723 891105 Contact by email
Contact MARY CARLIN on 07932646196 Contact by email

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Found Pets

1st Mar 2017, Found very tame budgie, Jazz court. Middle deepdale. Eastfield
Found, very tame budgie in eastfield. Taken to Falsgrave pet shop.
Contact Claire Holliday on 07477595358
17th Sep 2016, Found tabby cat, 19 Sea Cliff Road, Scarborough, YO11 2XU
found adorable male tabby cat in South Cliff - no ID
Contact Christina on 07704165121
20th Apr 2016, Found Two Rabbits, Peasholm Drive, Roseville Avenue, Scarborough
2 Rabbits (1 Black & 1 Brown) were seen in the Peasholm Drive area of Scabrorough this morning, backing on to Roseville Avenue.

They looked like they had escaped and were a bit startled.
Contact Rhianna Thurston on 1
30th Jul 2015, FOUND COCKATIEL, Cayton
Grey cockatiel found in Cayton area on Tuesday night.
Think it must be someone local as the weather was awful but the cockatiel seemed in good condition when it landed on our window.
He is currently being looked after but we need to get him back to his owner as soon as possible.
Please call Paul Tozer on 01723 582039 if you have any information.
Contact Paul Tozer on 01723 582039
15th Oct 2014, Canary seen, 9 Park Avenue
Arrived back from shopping to see yellow flower stuck atop gate, on closer inspection turned out to be a canary, which declined my finger and flew off into the park. It will not bear the winter and I hope the owner will be able to find it.
Contact S A Longden on 373755
24th Aug 2014, Dog Found, 1 Hatterboard Drive
Found Sunday 24th Aug - brown and white large female dog. She looks like a lurcher or cross, was very dirty and hungry. She's been fed and bathed and is content, tried contacting RSPCA, kennels council police but busy/shut with Bank Holiday. She is a beautiful animal. Proof of ownership is a must. Someone must be missing this family pet
Contact Martin Moseley on 07507838665 Contact by email
11th Jul 2014, Found Tabby, 6th main street, Beeford, Driffield
Found a little tabby cat in driffield area, down Westgate. Not sure on exact age or gender. Very scared and timid. Will come close but run away when it feels it's too close. No collar or tag. Been seeing it for a while in front of McColls on Crosshill. Keeps scavenging around for food on the road side. It never moves far but wondered if anyone had lost it. I have picture if necessary. Please let me know as soon as because if I see him/her again I will contact rspca as I cannot catch them.
Contact Jessica Walker on 07547311394 Contact by email
30th Dec 2013, Male dog found, Overdale eastfeild
Can you please share this picture of a male dog found in Eastfeild. He is safe and at pets at home in Scarborough. He was found on overdale in my garden yesterday at 12noon. Such a lovely dog and He is microchipped but unable to contact owner so far. He is from the north side of scarborough.
Contact Rebecca Brambles on 07784817726 Contact by email
23rd Dec 2013, Found young ginger tom cat, Tall Trees, Mere Lane, Scarborough, YO11 2YN
Found very friendly young ginger tom cat. Bold stripes. Near the Mere.
Contact Janet Baker on 01723 370500
15th Nov 2013, Cats Found, Scarborough
Tabbie & White older cat found Crossgates
Ginger & White 1 yr+ cat found East Ayton
Black & White kitten found Rutland Terrace
all Scarborough area.
If any of these are yours please contact us soonest.
Contact Ryedale & Scar Cats Welfare on 01723 865829 Contact by email
9th Sep 2013, Dog Found, Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, Filey.
A white Jack Russell, with a brown face was found at the Blue Dolphin Holiday Park, Filey, on Saturday afternoon.

It is wearing a studded red collar.
Contact Elaine on 07973 441950
23rd Jul 2013, Found Blue Budgie, Hollbeck Area, Scarborough
Found Blue Budgie in the Hollbeck Area of Scarborough please call Lee Thompson 07999999653
Contact Lee Thompson on 07999999653
23rd Jul 2013, Found Blue Male Budgerigar, Irton Scarborough
FOund Blue Male Budgeriagar in Irton Area
please call 01723 864216 or 07909513304
Contact Elaine Carr on 01723 864216
6th Jul 2013, Found Black Cat, 46 Trafalgar Square
Found black cat in Trafalgar Square area, fairly small with yellow eyes.
Contact Matt on 07528963100
30th Apr 2013, Ferrets Found, Chantry Road, East Ayton
Two friendly ferrets found in East Ayton.
Both safe in a run with food and water awaiting their owner to come forward.
Contact Peter on 01723 585333
3rd Apr 2013, Found 2 Puppies, Dunslow Vets
2 Puppies have been found, a Chihuahua and Laparatsu at Crossgates roundabout– have been taken to Dunslow Road vets
Contact shanie on 8
1st Apr 2013, Long haired black and white cat, Hedon, Hull
Long haired black cat with bushy tail. White marks to face and paws found. Quite friendly and found Hedon area. First noticed it in my garden March time.
Contact Jo on 07966666616
25th Dec 2012, Found dog, 9 Falsgrave Rd, Scarborough
Female dog found in Dean Road area of Scarborough. Looks like black Labrador cross
Contact Warren O'Flynn on 07969235651 Contact by email
17th Nov 2012, Found Dog, 7 Derwent Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3LZ
Patterdale/Terrier type found on Saturday 19th November near Harwood Dale, Brown/Grey colour, Very friendly, Sex Unknown
Contact Linda Winspear on 01947 604351 Contact by email
10th Nov 2012, Found Dog, Scarborough
Smallish black and tan male dog (collie or collie cross?) with white chest patch found on Falsgrave road. Possibly quite young, a bit nervous but friendly. Wearing wide brown leather collar with brass coloured studs
Contact Deborah Kynman on 07970 677 139
28th Jul 2012, Ginger entire cat, 10 Hatterboard Drive, Scarborough, YO12 6NQ
Ginger tom cat, beige collar, been in and around my garden last couple of nights, howling all last night cant let my cats out as he is going for them
If your cat or you know whos cat. or will take to RSPCA please contact me asap,
Contact J Craske on 01723 503229 Contact by email
25th Jul 2012, Found young cat, 26 mayfield avenuve newby
Young male cat , approx 6-10 months, found around 2am t followed me home from north bay, peasholm area, near entrance to the open air theatre . Very friendly ! Doesn't have a micro chip , has recently been castrated though . It just keeps following me everywhere.
Contact Natasha bluck on 01723352623 Contact by email
7th Apr 2012, Found rabbit, Scarborough
found rabbit on the Whitby road about 15 miles from Scarborough.
Contact Mandy on 017230867950
20th Mar 2012, Found Male Sheep Dog, Harwoodale Area
Found Male Black Sheep Dog
Please call 01723 581700 if you have any information
Contact Sadie on 01723 581700
10th Feb 2012, found cat, (Local helper), 4 coniston gardens, crossgates, YO12 4JH, Cat Protectin, Hull and District, Shamrock Cottage, Amotherby, Malton, YO17 6TL, 01653 697918
Female Tortoiseshell cat found near Dunslow road area (Morriosns). She is safe and well though a little skinny so she may have been missing for some time. Contact Cat Protection on 01653 697918 or 07882001402 for more details
Contact Cat Protection ( Volunteer Mandy lees) on 07882001402
3rd Feb 2012, Found Kitten, South Cliff Area, Scarborough
Found kitten Between 3-6 Months Old please call
Nicola 07718209734 or Tim 07833461208
Contact Tim on 07833461208
1st Nov 2011, Found Kitten, Scalby Road
6 weeks - 3 Months old in the Scalby Area please call 07932 216847
Contact Mr Wilby on 07932 216847
7th Sep 2011, Found Kitten, Scarborough
Kitten was stuck in tree last night 6-9-11, kitten 8-10 weeks old. PLease call 01723 582288
Contact Tanya Stuart on 01723 582288
24th Jul 2011, Parrot, Hovingham Drive, Scarborough
Small green parrot found Sunday 24th July. Scarborough Hospital area
Ring 01723369787
Contact Marsden on 01723369787
20th Jul 2011, Found Dog, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Small black female terrier found at Cayton Bay Holiday Park.
Contact Mr Calahan on 01723 378980
14th Jul 2011, Found Dog, Peasholm Park Area
Found Brown medium size dog this morning in Peasholm Park area.
PLease call 01723 352858
Contact Mrs Smith on 01723 352858
7th Jul 2011, Found Parrot, Newby, Scarborough
If anyone has lost their parrot please call 01723 352993
Contact Mrs Furnish on 01723 352993
28th May 2011, love bird, 8 Beechings Mews, Station Avenue, Whitbyh
love bird found Station Avenue West Cliff Whitby
Contact Stuart Greenhill on 07956601988
26th May 2011, Blue Budgie Found in Eastfield, Overdale, Eastfield.
Blue budgie found on Overdale in Eastfield on Thursday 26th June.
Contact Julie on 01723 584710
26th May 2011, Blue Budgie Found, Overdale, Eastfield.
Blue budgie found on Overdale in Eastfield.
Contact Julie on 01723 584710
11th Feb 2011, Cat Found, Scarborough Hospital
Ginger Male Cat. Very Friendly. Found near the Hospital Thursday (10/02) night.
Contact Helen on 07902 465015
28th Aug 2001, Kitten found, Eastfield
Kitten/young cat found. Eastway area in eastfield, Scarborough. Black and white female? with distinctive markings. Long haired.
Contact Sally Laing-dransfield on 07788990887 Contact by email

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Friends Reuniting

11th May 2014, lost friends, 06, The Drive,Gosport.Hampshire. PO13 0QD
Looking for ian and glennis Johnston.
Somewhere in the Scarborough or Whitby area.
Contact Dave Wilkes on 01329512404 Contact by email
7th Apr 2013, Missing brother, 9 York Street, Penrith, Cumbria
I need to contact my brother Brian Stevens, I have some bad news, our dad passed away Good Friday. Brian is from Warley in West Midlands not able to contact him. Call Mark asap. Last heard he lived in Whitby. Please pass this out.I live in Cumbria. Thank you
Contact Mark Stevens on 07769312612 Contact by email
13th Apr 2012, Lorraine nee Louth, 17 Chapel Street, Duxford cambs cb22 4rj
i am trying to trace lorraine she lived with us with her parients mary & bob louth when bob was working down here she also had a sister andrea and a brother johnathan the last we heard she was at peasholm park end of scarborough we have tryed for years am checked on louths in scarborough
Contact mervyn moule on 01223833949 Contact by email

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Free To A Good Home

11th Nov 2011, 2 female staffies, 48 high garth, eastfield, scarborough, yo113ej
2 female staffies one brindle nearly 8 yrs, one red 6yrs. both have ear irritations and chew their claws, both a bit overweight and need excerxse. both good with kids brindle is losing her hearing both family pets from birth but partner has left and can no longer give them the care and attention they deserve. i can no longer walk them all ,i am keeping 2 others.

please will someone give either one or both of these girls a caring loving home and get them back to the great pets that they have always been..........

thankyou Darren
Contact darren on 01723583019 Contact by email

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Items Wanted

There are no Items Wanted items currently available to show.

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Charity/Organisation Pleas

1st Jun 2016, First Light Trust - Friday Afternoon Group, FirstLight Trust,, We are looking for over 60's who have served in the Armed Forces (even for a short time or national service) to join our Friday Afternoon group. For tea and chat. The group can play chess/cards etc. and are planning occasional outings. Please telephone Victoria on Scarborough 361210 for further details or informal chat
We are looking for over 60's who have served in the Armed Forces (even for a short time or national service) to join our Friday Afternoon group for tea and chat. The group can play chess/cards etc and are planning occasional outings. Please telephone Victoria on Scarborough 361210 for further details or informal chat or email
Contact Victoria Wilkinson on 01723 361210
12th May 2016, Fundraising for a second CPAP machine for Scarborough Hospital SCBU, 68 Fieldside, Scarborough, YO126Be

Please help or share this, this will help so many babies in the area if people would prefer to take the money in to the hospital please take to general office with an envelope to say for CPAP machine for SCBU or give on the just giving site. Thank you
Contact Nicola Whiteley on 07707217350 Contact by email
15th Nov 2013, Homes required, Scarborough
Homes with outside space required for kittens and young cats. Home visit essential. Scarborough/Ryedale Area only
Contact Hill on 01723 865829 Contact by email
14th Feb 2013, Volunteer Drivers WANTED, SBPSS, 183 Dean Road, Scarborough, YO12 7JH
We are a local Charity supporting our members who are registered Blind or Partially Sighted. We provide transport from members homes to our Centre in our Mini Bus and are looking for 2 Volunteer Drivers to assist us with this.
Contact Jackie Dartnall-Smith on 01723 503304 Contact by email
11th Nov 2012, Bikers needed, 8 Long Walk, Scarborough
On 24th November, St Augustines School Music Centre are attempting to cycle 2000 miles in 12 hours using 8 exercise bikes based at Eze Fitness Dunslow Road Scarborough. This is to raise funds towards a departmental concert tour next June to Malta - 2000 miles away! We are desparate for riders of any age 5 to 105 who can offer anything from 15 minutes upwards on the day to come and cycle some miles and collect sponsors for as many miles as they do. Please can you help. Contact Dave for a sponsor form and to let him know what hours you can offer. Thanks
Contact Dave Ison on 07702 998282 Contact by email
24th Jul 2012, New Club members wanted, Support For Carers, Unit 4 Londesborough Road Business Park, Londesborough Road, Scarborough, YO12 5AF
New'Dolly Mixtures'club for the recycled tennager of 50+ at Emmanuel St John's Church on St John's Road, Scarborough. Wednesday's 10.30am - 12noon Come and join this relaxed but entertaining club with a range of activities for you to participate in such as table tennis, pool, dominoes,cards etc. Come along and have a laughter you will go home feeling much brighter.
Contact Clare Walters on 01723 364808 Contact by email
2nd May 2012, Car Boot Sale 5th May, Headlands School and Community Science College, Sewerby Road, Bridlington
We are holding a car boot sale at Headlands School in aid of an expedition to Morocco
Starting at 8am and finishing at 1pm - 38 per car - sorry no food vans
Contact Kate Gibbs on 01262676198 Contact by email
11th Mar 2011, Bellringers Wanted, 2, Palace Hill , Eastborough , Scarborough ,YO11 1NL
Ever thought of who rings the bells at churches? Well it could be you. We are looking for people to become bellringers. It is good fun and a very different hobby. If you would like a go you can contact me or just turn up at St Marys Church, Castle Road, Scarborough any Wednesday night from 7.15pm. You do not have to be a church goer to be a bellringer .
Contact Sandra Gledhill on 07711 648201 Contact by email

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Lost Property

27th Dec 2016, Lost gold ring, 24 Sea View Drive
Hi. I believe I lost a gold ring on the Cleveland way between Holbeck carpark and knipe point. If anyone find it, it'd be much appreciated if I could get it back. It's not hugely valuable but was a 21st birthday present and would love to have it back.
Contact Alan Sadler on 07889574892 Contact by email
7th Jul 2016, Lost wallet, NG5 1DP
Hello. On July 2, I lost my wallet (color: black and blue). In it were documents such as identity card, driving license, credit card, European health card and other cards. ID card and driver's license were Polish.
Contact Marcin Meczkowski on 07918578987 Contact by email
17th Jan 2016, Wallet, Meadow drive, East Ayton
Lost on sunday, black anime wallet. Between the british heart foundation and the royal hotel on st nicholas st at roughly 1:15/1:30. Contains bank card, student i.d., medical cards and cash. If you found it please PLEASE message me, i really need it back. Thanks x
Contact Daryl Young on 01723 866066 Contact by email
4th Oct 2015, Black leather zip pouch. Content: two watches + keys, 7 Mere View Gardens, Scarborough YO12 4DF
Reward for return: keys + two watches. Ladies watch: Skagen, Small gents watch: Lasalle, very thin, white dial, black glass edge. Keys were attached to black leather zip pouch with three pockets.' Feel upset about it, as Lasalle watch and a pouch belonged to my deceased husband.
Contact Yona on 07473825419 Contact by email
2nd Oct 2015, Lost Keys, Scarborough
Lost Keys with house & car keys on on Long Lane, Crossgates.

Please call Kath if you have any information - 07792 251800.
Contact Cath Carter on 07792 251800
6th Sep 2015, Panasonic lumix camera, 25 queens terrace, Otley
Lost my camera on Sunday 6 sept. It's got 2 memory cards in the case. It's got really precious photos of my young family. Please get in touch if you have seen it.
Contact Nancy Atkinson on 07912176903 Contact by email
18th Jul 2015, Lost bangle, 21 Campbell Close, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 0RH
I lost a bangle in Scarborough on Saturday night (18th July 2015) somewhere between Scarborough Open Air Theatre (I was attending a concert there) and Northstead Upper Car Park. It's a white gold bangle with a twisted diamante effect on one side. It has great sentimental value so any help in finding it would be greatly appreciated.
Contact Carolyn Bechman on 07920144042 Contact by email
12th Jul 2015, Glasses lost, 114 Priory Park Rd, London, NW6 7UU
Women's glasses made by "Red or Dead" brand, with floral pattern pink & blue side pieces. Lost Whitby probably Boulby Bank.
Contact P Mackinder on 07570 998 612 Contact by email
27th Sep 2014, Car/House keys, 51, Sewerby Road, Bridlington.
Car/House keys bus station/new shopping centre/ Chapel street areas.
Contact David Brown on 01262608542 Contact by email
19th Sep 2014, HTC Phone, 29 Fieldside Scarborough YO12 6BD
My grandson lost his phone on Friday night probably at Sainsbury's park, no credit on it but loads of pictures and video's that cant be replaced, it's a little black HTC, if anyone finds it there is a reward waiting, please could you contact me on 07734346715 he's very upset Thank you
Contact Andrea Mason on 07734346715 Contact by email
12th Sep 2014, Missing camera, 40 Pateley Moor Crescent, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL1 4LS
Panasonic Lumix TZ30 digital camera (black) with memory card inside. Lost or stolen somewhere between Lord Nelson pub and the Olympia on South Bay, Scarborough.
Contact Amy Appleby on 07765087655 Contact by email
6th Jun 2014, Lost Ipad Mini!, Whitby
Lost - Ipad Mini in a protective blue case. The ipad is locked and has a password. Last seen on Wednesday night in the car park. A reward will be given if it is found. Please hand it in to Whitby Police Station. It belongs to Ben Betts. Contact number 01947 604528.
Contact Rhianna Thurston on 1
30th Apr 2014, LOST Memory Stick, Ramhill Area, Scarborough
Lost memory Stick in the Ramshill Area of Scarborough, Small black & Red Memory Stick with important college work on. £100 reward for the return of the stick.
Please call Mandy Watson 07817674421
Contact Mandy on 07817674421
25th Apr 2014, White iPod touch with encryption of me and my dad at ten back, 6 delside close
Was in sthelens when was lost or stolen !! Lost it about 11 pm
Contact Danielle allen on 07808547629 Contact by email
14th Apr 2014, pink glasses case containing glasses and pink phone, 15, Westwood close, scarborough
lost in Watermark café or between café and Westwood close
Contact shirley shaw on 01723 361151
28th Mar 2014, 8GB white iPod touch, 6 dell side close Wigan lancs .
Lost/stolen iPod touch white 8GB brand new , few scratches on the back ! Has a picture of me and my dad on the back as it was engraved onto it for my18th bday . Was lost Saturday the 29th march if found or seen please contact me ASAP as this iPod is very valuable !!!! Ask for Danielle A 07808547620
Contact Danielle allen on 07808547620 Contact by email
24th Oct 2013, Lost Earring, 3 Selley park drive, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 5TT.
Lost a 14k gold loop ear ring in Scarborough town centre. We have retraced our steps but never found it. Hopefully someone will have picked it up.

Please email
Contact Christine Punch on 01723 639084
21st Jan 2013, House & Car Keys, Bottom of Throxenby Lane, Scarborough
A set of house and car keys found. Pleas ecall above number or 01723 449690.
Contact Karen on 01723 363878
21st Dec 2012, Tissot Watch, 11 Hanover Road, Scarborough
Lost in Scarborough Town centre, Gents Tissot watch, engraved on the back George Mann, great sentimental value as was 18th birthday present, Son is devastated at this loss
Contact Denise Mann on 07986909185 Contact by email
9th Dec 2012, LOST IPHONE 4S, 113 hoxton road scarborough yo12 7sx
IPHONE was lost from Hoxton road columbus ravine end to aldi carpark. Reward would be given if returned as it has pictures of our newborn baby on it :-(
Contact emma on 07791133184
28th Aug 2012, lost nike rucksack containing boys items, 18a victoria road,scarborough,north yorkshire,yo11 1sd
boys grey charcoal nike rucksack lost at scarborough train station at 11:30am 28th aug. contains boys clothes,xbox game,phone,headphones,and flip flops.if anyone has any information please ring the mobile number
Contact di martin on 07788212873 Contact by email
22nd Jul 2012, 64GB Ipod Touch in leather case, 2, Croft Place, Crossroads, Keighley, West Yorks, BD22 9BJ
On Sunday 22nd July, at around 6.45pm our autistic son lost his relatively new ipod touch on Aberdeen walk. He is obviously very distressed, particularly as it contained photos of his weekend with a friend, which can not be replaced and we really would appreciate help in locating this. If anyone did find this or you saw someone picking it up, please could you contact us. Reward offered to anyone handing this in.
Contact Helen Thompson on 07890624042 Contact by email
13th May 2012, Lost/Stolen iPod Touch 8GB, Email me for address
Stolen/Missing 8GB iPod Touch. Went missing from a small gathering party at Falsgrave Park, Stone Circle. On Saturday 12th May 7PM Onwards till 2.30am on 13th May 2012. I desperately need this to be found, as it's fairly new. I need it for my holiday, in 3 weeks. I hope this is found ASAP.
Contact Ella Mae Barger on 07527798083 Contact by email
2nd Sep 2011, Lost Keys, .
Two keys lost between Gillys amusements and weaponness coach park. One is a car key and the other a house key on a boofle teddy key ring
Contact Lisa Hamilton on 07887 793245 Contact by email
31st Aug 2011, Black DSi with game, 33 Long Lane, Seamer, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 4RR
LOST Black DSi with game, near Watermark Cafe at North Bay. My son has ADHD and is really upset about losing this, it has been so helpful at times to help keep him occupied. We are devastated as it is, we were able to buy this last Christmas for him with money given to us by a charity called Family Fund. My son also has lots of family photos on it that he has taken. Hope someone can help, I've spoken to the cafe & nobody has handed it in.
Contact Mrs Yvonne Bradley on 862932 Contact by email
24th Feb 2011, Rumours white carrier bag containing dance costumes, 40 Highfield, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, YO12 4AN
White Rumours carrier bag containing two dance costumes, dance shoes and tights - just purchased from Rumours.
Contact Fiona Jarvie on 07716001380 Contact by email

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Found Property

29th Sep 2014, Keys, 51, Sewerby Road, Bridlington.
Keys found by Argos, Bridlington.
Contact David Brown on 01262608542
9th Jul 2014, Car key, 6 Woodall avenue
Found car key at peasholm
Contact Jo thornton on 07976388197
18th Feb 2014, Found BMW Car Key, Whitby
Found - a BMW car key on a metal key fob from BMW Malton. The car key was found opposite the Cycle Hire at Hawsker near Whitby.
It has been handed in to Scarborough Police Station this Wednesday morning.
Contact Mrs Frear on 01723 871377
15th Jul 2013, key, 19 Sea Cliff Road, YO11 2XU
Contact Christina on 07704165121
9th Jul 2012, BG, Texas ,USA
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Paul Hendricks
Contact Paul Hendricks on 9406034615 Contact by email
12th Aug 2011, Watch found, Pathology office
Seiko watch found in Stepney area Saturday 6th August.

Contact 01723 342356 (with description) to claim.
Contact Janette on 01723 342356 Contact by email

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