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Derwent Training Association



Yorkshire Coast Radio have teamed up with Derwent Training Association, Malton who are providers of Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships in the Ryedale, York and Yorkshire Coast areas. We want to highlight the different job roles in the misinterpreted world of Engineering!


DTA – Shaping the Future for Engineering


 Note: All "Average Salary" estimations are based on UK averages and taken from

Electrical Design Engineer


Designing electrical and/or electronic circuitry to perform a task or service

Pays around £26,000 - £50,000


Project Engineer


Manages and controls specific projects within a business which could be product or process related

Pays around £23,000 - £55,000

Structural Design Engineering


Design (usually steel) structures to meet a specific requirement, will include calculation stress loading etc

Pays around £30,000 - £45,000

Production Scheduling


Ensuring customers’ orders will be completed on time, this includes ensuring components are manufactured in the correct sequence for assembly

Pays around £23,000 - £45,000



Maintenance Engineer


Working to a schedule to carry out regular maintenance to prevent equipment breakdown, or repair equipment should a breakdown occur. Multiskills now required as more equipment is ‘mechatronic’

Pays around £25,000 - £35,000



Creating sheet or plate work components to drawings often using welding as the joining technique



Pays around £23,000 - £40,000


CNC Machining


Producing complex and precision components on a computer controlled machine, measuring and inspecting the parts and making adjustments to the machine settings as required

Pays around £25,000 - £40,000

Electrical/Electronic Production


Carrying out panel wiring or manufacturing printed circuit boards and assembling into components



Pays around £30,000 - £40,000

Installation/Commissioning Engineer


Usually working on customers premises, installing equipment/machinery, carrying initial test runs and correcting any problems as they occur

Pays around £25,000 - £40,000

Quality Engineer


Responsible to the quality of product manufactured. This can be controlled by inspecting parts for faults, but more often by controlling closely the manufacturing process

Pays around £23,000 - £40,000

CAD Designer


Designing components and creating 3D models using computer programs




Pays around £23,000 - £70,000

Production Engineer


Ensuring the manufacturing process is running smoothly, looking for process improvements and trouble shooting


Pays around £23,000 - £45,000


Sales Engineer


Technically trained individuals with good communication skills often make the best technical sales people

Pays around £25,000 - £45,000