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You know you're on holiday when... & Tasmin Outhwaite pops in!

25th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Monday...

It's Monday.. it's cold and grey.. I thought we should talk holidays.. I wanted you to finish this sentence: You know when you're on holiday when.. We had a huge response and you can hear the calls on the podcast! Here's some of what we got on Facebook...

Suzanne Smith when you see the fat brit... who resembles a lobster in they union jack shorts with a can of san Miguel in hand!!!! always seem to be geordie or scouse hahaa xx
Julie Gallagher When u look a brilliant white and the brits that have been there a week or so look like furniture wood stain far 2 much sun x

Jackie Kinroy Clark When I'm checking my handbag to make sure I still have our tickets and passports for the 50th time

Wayne Bibby When my wife wakes me up at 2am, 3am, 4am asking if its time to get up yet.

Over the weekend... I did a disco in Bridlington. The pub landlord emailed me after with the subject "The Best Disco In Town". I thought brilliant.. the disco went down well.. The actually content of the email read: "Just to let you know you left your 'Best Disco In Town' CD at the pub! Ah!

Also talked about...
  • A cop burst in on a suspected murder scene after hearing screams – before realising he had walked onto the set of a new horror film!
  • A dog lover says he will buy a FLAT for whoever finds his lost puppy!
  • Horse is BETTER for you than Beef according to a study! A professor says there’s no chance of catching e-coli with horsemeat!
  • A driver was subjected to loads of grief after crashing his car into specsavers! A passer by tweeted a picture of the scene with the line “should have gone to specsavers”! The shop window was damaged but the driver was fine!

Tasmin Outhwaite... was on the show today. Talking about why we should write childrens books and get creative! And also giving us an insight into her future TV appeareances including Doctor Who in a few weeks!

Street Of The Week: Bessingby Way Bridlington... Tomorrow I will be heading to Bessingby Way in Bridlington and this morning I revealed what 3 things i'm looking for.. They are

1) Got an unusual hobby?
2) What's the best thing about working where you work?
3) What was the best birthday present you got as a child?

Also.. I'll be at East Riding College in Bridlington for their open event from 4-7pm tomorrow! I'll be in the entrance playing some songs and doing some live links on the radio!

Have a great day!


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