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You did WHAT in the Queen's back garden???

18th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Who was your first boyfriend or girlfriend at school? How old were you and how did it end? This is some of what came in…

Jennifer Romano Yep I was 14, it didn't impact on my grades at all because he wasn't in the same year so we had no classes together, it ended terribly!

Gill Maher I was 7 , his name is Neil, we are friends on Facebook, after me moving 200 miles away I've caught up with loads of old school friends on here!!

Linda White My first boyfriend was called neil. It lasted a week.. it ended when I saw him snogging another girl at the end of year disco. .. I was only 7years old. ..

Lee Williams At brid school my 1st girlfriend was called lisa but after her i like a lass called caroline for the rest of secondary school.nice memories but happily married now

Elaine Helliwell My 1st boyfriend was called Squirel? We were 12 & 13 went out for a few years till i was 20? ended when i found out he was going home early?? To chat up the bird at another pub?? Lol xxx

Dave Garrity Dawn Lumb was my first girlfriend at secondary school had a few since her but have a beutifull wife now and three sons oh and she moved away thats how it ended, brid

The Buzz About Town.. Smokers will try to give up an average ____ times before they actually manage to quit! The answer was 4!

TrafficLightBingoThe new game at 8:40am which makes the drive to work or the school run FUN! 100 points if you’re stationary and can see a red light. 200 points if it’s temporary lights and 300 if it’s the day’s specific set of lights which today was the junction of Queensgate/ St John’s Street in Brid.

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… Which local village used to be called Ocilli Prom? It’s Flamborough! I also mentioned that the longest cave at Flamborough is apparently 50 metres in length! Wow! Got a fact? Email:

9 Non Stop… Today was 1974.. the year Alan Aykbourn threatened to quit Scarborough, Bridlington became a town in Humberside and Leon Brittan became Whitby MP.

I also talked about…

Gwyneth Paltrow has a full page in The Sun today.. The shock headline.. My Marriage is complicated.. She says her marriage to Chris Martin from Coldplay is not perfect.. Find a couple who’s marriage is and write a full page about that.. That would be the big story! “Couple In Perfect Marriage Shock”!

Working mums are on the go for more than 13 hours every weekday, holding down a full time job and looking after the kids.. They put in a 65 hour week caring for children, cooking, running errands and looking after pets on work days that start at 6:45am and only end when the kids go to bed at 7:50pm. Getting kids ready for school and entertaining them takes up 8 hours!

The instruction manual for the moon landing is being auctioned off for about £60,000 today! Who wrote it? What’s in it? “Whenever I go to the moon I like to land over here”

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

I reveal what 3 things I’m looking for from my Street Of The Week which this week is: RAMSHILL ROAD in SCARBOROUGH! I’ll be there tomorrow lunchtime onwards!

Here's some pictures from yesterday's Walk For Life in Scarborough which I hosted:

Photo: Give us a wave! At Scarborough's Walk For Life, hosted by Paddy from Paddy In The Morning!


Photo: At the start of Scarborough's Walk For Life! PADDY :)


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