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Who'd have guessed Squash would be so much fun

29th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

I played Squash... last night and recorded the phone call when I booked it and using the name "Paddy In The Morning" I was chuffed to see the brand IS working as I got the reply "Paddy from Yorkshire Coast Radio"?! I also recorded 2 girls who watched my mate and me playing.. I asked them to confirm i'd beaten him.. one replied "yes" and the other "no"! The one that said "no" wasn't looking at the script i'd given her!

TOPLOADER... were on the show today ahead of their concert at The Spa in Scarborough next Friday! They told me it's the first night of their tour which means it will probably be their best too! They are really excited about coming to the coast! We had a giggle about all sorts of things! Here's the full interview!


What PET NAMES... do you have for your other half and vice versa! Thanks for all your great calls! My favourite came from Amanda in Scarborough who told me her son ETHAN has the name EBAY because they threaten to sell him whenever he's naughty!

Bits n Bobs...

  • An honest passer by found £23,000 and handed it in to Manchester Police.. Would you? I would!
  • A husband has won his court battle to throw his wife out of their home after learning she was once a man!
  • Tax Cheats faces will appear on Beer Mats in Russia to shame them into paying up! Sounds like an incentive not to pay.. how coole to have your photo on a beermat! Fame at last!
  • Kids are now trying to wear onesies at school! One school in Essex has banned them despite students wearing them under uniform saying it was to keep them warm during the recent cold snap!
  • Half of all British Households are in debt with the average amount we owe from loans about £3,500 in this area! That’s not including mortgages!

Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

We hear from the people of MURRAY STREET & STATION AVENUE in FILEY.. This week's Street Of The Week on their favourite holiday destinations.. those who've never been to FILEY BRIGG and those who have 2 totally different jobs!

Coming soon...

On Friday.. GREGG WALLACE from MASTERCHEF is on the show!


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