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What's in your 'Bucket List'?

28th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Tony Robinson was on the show talking about surnames on the coast which are dying out. He said FUNK was extinct so was surprised when I told him Scarborough Athletic’s Manager is called RUDY FUNK! Click the play button to hear the full chat with Tony Robinson!


Street Of The Week… We heard more from the people of Bessingby Way Bridlington including those at Blast Fitness & a window company..

What’s the one thing you must do in your life which you haven’t done yet? What’s top of your bucket list? Here’s some of what came in…

Lisa Whitaker travel route 66! with a Vegas stop off to get married. we had it all planned out for last year and a week later found out I was pregnant and had to cancel it

Sean Slinger Go to Tibet and Chernobyl (both very different holidays) - Scarborough/Manchester

Graham Pace See the Northern Lights and visit where the film Local Hero was filmed.

Jackie Kinroy Clark Morning paddy, My absolute dream is to be in the kop at ANFIELD singing 'youl never walk alone' watching liverpool lifting the cup for winning the premiership title:) Jackie from sunny brid

Coral Mccabe Mine is to travel to space in a space craft, then afterwards jump back down to Earth. Eastfield

Karen Barber Bungee jump outta a helicopter over the Grand Canyon... Was so envious of Davina McCall when she did it.. Was gonna be going next year to do it.. !!! xxx

Every morning we do…

6:20am - The Buzz About Town – Today’s fact:  _______ is the longest English word to use only one vowel.. the answer was Strength(s)

8:15am – The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day – Today’s was: In the small Mulgrave Woods near Sandsend there is not 1, not 2 but 3 castles! 2 of them date back nearly 1,000 years!

6:45, 7:45 and 8:45am.. Every hour we update the Entertainment News! If it’s happening in the showbiz world you’ll know about it!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • Al Murray The Pub Landlord is on the show to talk about his appearance at The Spa Scarborough (8:10am)!
  • James Aconley is on to talk about his Simply Musicals Tour which starts in Scarborough this weekend (7:10am)                   

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