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What gets you excited? And Traffic Light Bingo has taken off!

15th March 2013

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On Paddy In The Morning on Friday…

What still gets you excited?... Here’s some of what came in…

Debbie Wallace Doing a charity parachute jump tomorrow Aaaaggghh lol

Samara Punter A good night out with friends

Suzanne Walsh Same as Jon Burke, living by the seaside. Moved up from London nearly 4years ago and still LOVE it!! (Bridlington)

Michael Heley Going on holiday to Primrose vally

Steve Barrett Bodycomplete Bootcamps are brilliant !

Elaine Helliwell Spending quality time with me lovely hubby John, off to last laugh tonight what more do ya need? Lol xxx

Sharon Mason Grand Prix - and the season starts THIS WEEKED yeyyyyyyyyy :) happy Happy HAPPY:)))

Traffic Light BingoAt 8:40 every day we do Traffic Light Bingo.. At the end of the drumroll if you are stationary and can see a red light you score 100 points! If those lights are temporary lights it’s 200 points! You get 300 points if it’s the days specific set of lights! Alison from Northstead called in really excited because after 5 days she finally scored points on Friday! She’s even been driving around looking for roadworks at 8:40am!!

Street Of The Week… This week is BRDLINGTON STREET, HUNMANBY – I’ve met so many great people this week and played out some more audio from St. Catherine’s Hospice Shop today! On my blog page you can hear ALL the audio I recorded! There’s some fantastic stories!!



The Buzz About Town.. Did you know they first sold Coca Cola as a Prescription for _________ ??? The answer was Headaches and Hysteria!

On Sunday.. I am starting Scarborough’s Walk For Life! Come see me at Peasholm Gap (right on the corner by the roundabout) from 1:30pm onwards! I’ll be doing a live link or 2 into Paul’s show too!

Back Monday from 6am!

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