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Blogs > Paddy > They want heavy people to pay MORE for plane tickets!!

They want heavy people to pay MORE for plane tickets!!

25th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

  • Should heavy people pay more for airline tickets? Had a HUGE reaction on Facebook – Here's some of your comments...
    Adam Keld Are they gonna get extra room? Probably NOT!!! Pretty pointless when they aeroplane isn't loosing an extra seat for the heavier person
    Karen Armitage They should nt have to pay more, they can't help being overweight, airlines should cater ( have some bigger seats/ space) like they do for wheelchairs. Approx 4 on a plane. All people should be treated the same, most overweight( 18 stone) people have a medical problem, or could have other disadvantages we can't see. They probably need a nice holiday with no stress...No Way! ( I am 9 stone)
    Susan Thornton If they make bigger seats to cater for them Karen...then yes, they should pay. Bigger seats means less seats, so would be a loss to the airline.
    Bill Chatt Rubbish,if someone pays more they would expect a seat that fits them, and not one that fits an 8 stone match stick,and it would no girl trips to Spain as all the thin girls have fat friends.
    Vicki Honeysett Most people are over weight because.... They eat too much!
    I flew back from Qatar last year, in the window seat with a very very large lady next to me who spilled over into half my seat. She couldn't even put the tray down, half her food fell on the floor. Very embarrassing & uncomfortable 8hrs. Luckily I've a strong bladder & didn't need to get up for a wee!
  • Rachel Stevens was on the show… And revealed she HAS met the other 6 S Club members recently and they ARE up for getting back together to make some new music! This is great news!! Hear the 2 parts to the interview here....
  • The Buzz About Town... Today's fact with a word buzzed out.. 40% of all daytime tweets are about _________ ??? The answer was TV programmes! Another one tomorrow at 6:20am
  • 9 Non Stop... We start your workday with 9 songs non stop from 1 mystery year. Today's year was 1978!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

Traffic Light Bingo returns! I make the drive to work or the school run (for those NOT on Easter holidays) fun! It's at 8:40am!

Reaction to our Great Easter Egg Hunt today! Just how many eggs will you donate to us today?

I head for my Street Of The Week tomorrow lucnhtime.. this week it's BAXTERGATE in WHITBY. Listen tomorrow to find out what 3 thing i'm looknig for from the people of Baxtergate!


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