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There are some silly silly people...

3rd January 2013

On Paddy In The Morning today…

I withdrew £70 in Brid and then walked off before taking my money! I've just checked with my bank and the money has left my account! Hope I get it back! So today I asked you for your stories of utter silliness! Suzie in Bridlington reversed into a police car! It was an accident! Listeners in Filey told me about the most embarrassing things they’d done.. Mandy said she’s told a lost driver to go the totally wrong direction.. Another told me she’d been in a Filey pub, gone to the loo and come out with her dress tucked into her knickers.. I hate that when it happens!

Who's Laughing Now @7:50… Is a clip of a celebrity laughing but can you work out who? Today it was EMMA WATSON from HARRY POTTER. Another one tomorrow just before 8am.

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day @8:15 …Did you know Scarborough Building Society was the oldest in Yorkshire and the 2nd oldest in the UK.. I mentioned me wearing a Scarborough kit sponsored by the SBS back in late 80’s when I was on TV singing Opera!! Next day they delivered the away kit which they also sponsored as a thank you for the promotion on the TV!! GOT A GREAT YORKHSIRE COAST FACT? Email me:

9 Non Stop… Today was January 1996.. Today I mentioned Scarborough FC wearing a shirt with a YORKSHIRE COAST RADIO sponsor on!  And it was the season Whitby Town won the FA Vase! In Bridlington, a couple called in the Cannon from the Brid Priory Church to bless their house after ghostly goings on! Tomorrow we’re going way way back (1969 but don’t say that).

I Also Talked About… This Monday is the worst day for relationships.. because Xmas strains relationships and now people are back at work they’re more likely to flirt with colleagues.. So.. beware ;)

On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…

The people of BRIDLINGTON tell me if they still have their Xmas trees up! I have and will have until The Epiphany on Sunday. 

This sound clip is from FILEY where Yorkshire Coast Radio listeners told me some of the silliest things they've done! See you tomorrow from 6am!


PS: I went to Bridlington today to give Jean her 24 prizes from our advent calendar competiton! Here's a photo! Well done Jean!


Jean Bridlington Yorkshire Coast Radio Winner

Posted by Paddy at 3:46pm


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lucky Me Reply

What a wonderful start to the new year thanks a million Yorkshire Coast Radio for the lovely prizes. I will be sharing these with my brilliant family...oh and Paddy thanks for re-tuning my radio for a greater reception and good luck to you all at Yorkshire Coast Radio for 2013 XXX Jeanne
Jean Taylor - 5:02pm, 3rd January 2013

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