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The Weekend's Here...

4th January 2013

Well that's my first few days done and thank you so much for the fantastic welcome to Yorkshire Coast Radio you've given me!

On Friday's show I mentioned my new hair cut! It's very short. After getting it shaved last night I picked up my kids from nursery in Scarborough and my 4 year old Isabella took one look at me and burst into tears!!! She was upset i'd had it cut so short! At least she didn't call me a thug like my boss here did!!!

I also heard from the people of Bridlington on whether or not they'd taken their Christmas Tree down. Mine stays up until the 12th day of Christmas (6th January)! No one I spoke to in Brid still has theirs up! And most listeners getting in touch during the show had taken theirs down before New Year! Scrooges! Here's the people of Bridlington telling me why they don't still have their Christmas Tree up!


Shocking statistics about the amount of people who text whilst driving. I mentioned the most shocking thing i've seen someone do whilst driving.. it was my wife successfully reverse park. It was 10th October 2009. I'll never forget the date! ;)

"The Buzz About Town" today saw Jill from Filey ask the question with a word buzzed out. No one guessed the right answer. The amazing stat was that 50% of men on the coast need their partner to choose their clothes each day! Need? More like get no choice! I sympathise!


The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day.. on Friday was about the sinking of the Rohilla yards off Whitby Harbour. 85 lives lost, many of whom are buried in the church yard at the top of the cliff near the Abbey. It was a hospital ship which either hit the rocks or a mine. Got a local fact? Email paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

This weekend i'm really excited as we're getting my 1 year old Leo Christened in Scarborough on Sunday. It should be incident-free and a great family event! What could possibly go wrong?

I hope you have a great weekend. Looks like many are taking it easy after the Christmas / New Year festivities with many of you only getting back to work for the first time this Monday. I'll need to make sure I do my bit on Monday to get you from bed to work happy!

Monday is meant to be the worst day for relationships with the festive period straining relationships and the temptation to flirt with colleagues at its highest point! We'll talk about that on Monday. Plus we've got a doctor on the show with an idea to help you stop smoking so if that's a new year's resolution for you this year listen in!

Next week is also the start of my "Street Of The Week". And the first one is Quay Road, Bridlington. I'll be there looking for "A HERO", "A CLAIM TO FAME" and "A SECRET". So if you work or live on Quay Road in Brid look out for me!

Happy Christmas for Monday to anyone from the Russian Orthadox Church.. and Happy Margaret Thatcher Day for the Falkland Islands on Thursday. I'll tell you the story of when I met her outside the Crown Spa Hotel in Scarborough when I was a kid and why I got a good telling off afterwards!

Have a great weekend. I'm back on air Saturday 12-2pm and Paddy In The Morning returns Monday 6am!

I'll leave you with the stunning North Bay Scarborough sunrise I posted on Facebook & Twitter on Thursday! Enjoy..


North Bay Sunrise Scarborough

Posted by Paddy at 11:48am


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