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The things we've given up that we now regret!

6th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

With Rebecca Adlington quiting swimming aged just 23... I asked you to tell me what things you've given up which maybe you now regret! Got some fantastic calls in.. Listen to the podcast to hear them! Here's some of your comments on Facebook / Twitter...

Rebecca Clarkson The single life!! Haha I don't think my husband would be amused if he heard me discussing that on the radio.

Nicola Garnett I'm giving up my husband for 6 months of the year whilst he goes and works on the oil rigs in the middle if the North Sea!!!! Ps the party's at mine!!!!!!!

Stella Larkin Ballroom dancing! Was nearly good enuf for the old 'come dancing' comps that Len goodman judged! Gave it up at 15 for my exams!!!! It was also unpopular at the time( early 80's!) now look at it!!! Regretted it for years

Jaye Sansom I was good at playing the violin.Acheived grade 6 but my confidence got the better of me and I gave up.I always make sure I never give up on anything good these days,just the bad,hence 7years+one month smoke free.Jaye from Seamer :))

Street Of The Week.. This week is the Promenade in Bridlington! I recorded loads of stuff yesterday and stuck up a load of our new "Say Yes to Shopping Local" stickers which went down a storm! Listen to the podcast to hear some 

The Dentist... Gave me a good telling off yesterday as he booked me in for 3 more fillings! The receptionist said "can you make next Tuesday at 12"? The look on her face was amazing when I replied "no I can't. I'm pancake racing then"! Well it's true I am!!

Cayton School... is one of the local schools taking part in a world-record attempt today for the biggest singing and signing at the same time. I'll be there live from 2pm onwards to witness it!

The Buzz About Town.. Today we discovered that we're shorter in the evening than in the morning. Something about gravity getting you down?!! Another fact with a word buzzed out tomorrow and asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener at 6:20am.

9 Non Stop... 1979 today.. 9 songs non-stop commercial-free every single morning from one mystery year and with some great local memories of events that happened on the coast in that year! Start your workday with more music than you'll find anywhere on your dial!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

More from my Street Of The Week: The Promenade in Bridlington

We hear from the children of Cayton School after their world-record attempt

Win £1225 on Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound (if it's not won during today!)


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