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Star Signs & my mum making bacon sarnies for half of Ramshill!

20th March 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Star Signs! What's yours and do you believe it can have an influence on your personality? This is some of what came in...

Steve Copus Taurus, very stubborn.Scarborough!

Meral Dawe am a sagittarius ( dec 18th) too some extent i believe in them it says my star sign is bubbly funny loyal can get fusstrated a little hot headed and wen ive read mine they are accurate meral from scarbrough

Jade Marie I'm a Leo (very feisty) and don't believe in what they say at all.. You make your own path in life chose by you not by some star sign

Phillippa Bailey I'm a Leo .. Loyal, feisty, loving with hot headed moments and stubbornness! .. I used to live according to the stars but now I have no time to have a wee let alone see what the stars have in store! You make your own destiny and life choices but I am proud to be a Leo

Jo Newlove I'm a Capricorn but I'm definitely NOT boring as Helen suggested lol! ;-) Bridlington xx

The Buzz About Town... Is a fact with a word buzzed out.. Today's was: 93% of _______ are bought by women! The answer was Greeting Cards!

The Wednesday Whinge...A chance to have a real good moan about anything.. Here's some of what came in...

Ignazio Mascia Filey road and queen margaret road traffic light!
Why do people keep using the left bus lane to turn left into margaret road blocking the traffic light because they all suddently think they drive a bus??? Is a bus lane for a reason and not a turn left lane!! Rant over!

Hayley Pickles On seamer road they have made a new road out of the shops near Halfords which is much needed however they have left the bus stop right there and done a build up in the road so you've guessed a bus stops no car can pass adding to the tail backs on seamer road which has had road works on since December - Just move the bus stop down the road a few yards!

Sharon Mason Flipping WEATHER - we just NEED some dry weeks and blue skies - end of!
Street Of The Week... This week is Ramshill Road, Scarborough! I asked the question: What's the best and worst thing about Ramshill Road to Will at Costcutter Express. His reply was "The best thing is your mum coming in every morning with a bacon sandwich Paddy". So.. I went round the corner to ask her about it as she hasn't made me one for about 10 years! I'm back there today so if you're around please look out for me!! More on air tomorrow from Ramshill Road in Scarborough!

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