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Sleep Walking and Sleep Talking

25th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

Sleep Walking and Sleep talking! We heard from Helen in Travel about her boyfriend who talks absolutel rubbish whilst asleep. He recently said "I don't know what it is". So she asked him "what does it look like"? His reply: "An oven-proof dish"! AMAZING! You matched that wth your calls today.. Thanks to Dave in Scarborough who sleep-walked naked around his hotel in Cyprus! Next day he went to breakfast with sunglasses and a bandana on so he wasn't recognised! Hopefully he had his clothes on too! Listen to the podcast to hear more stories!

Scarborough Weight Loss Management Centre opens on Sunday with a star from Shameless there to cut the ribbon. Ken Webster told me all about it including how you could lose 4cm "today" if you walk in!

Bits & Bobs... *A lightning strike 25 miles away could give you a Migrane * Tractor drivers in SW Ireland may be allowed to drink and drive to "relive boredom" *Nearly half of babies are born to women over 30 who are having a career first and waiting to find 'Mr Right'!

Cost Of Bringing Up Children... A bloke called Mark from LV came on to give us some tips about keeping costs low if you're bringing up children! Apparently the cost of bringing up a child is now £213,000 oer child! WOW! He suggested getting vouchers for the supermarket shop, buying lesser-known brands and choosing holiday destinations wisely!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was all about Cayton and it's amazing statistic from WW1 and WW2. The village sent 45 people to WW1 and 60 people to WW2 and not one single loss of life in either wars from the village. Some say that's unique in the UK. Got a fact? Email paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

The Buzz About Town... Today we learned that putting a photo of a PET on your desk at work can make you work harder! Another question based on a recent survey on Monday morning!

Next Week On Paddy In The Morning...

We'll hear from those buying WANTED tickets this weekend!

More from the opening of Scarborough Weight Loss Management Clinic on Sunday!

A brand new Street Of The Week.. It's in Filey next week, find out where on Monday!

TOPLOADER join me ahead of their Scarborough Spa Concert on 8th February!

That and much, much more!


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