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Sharing baths and naming our cars!

20th February 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Has your car got a name?.. We had a massive reaction to this.. Here's some of what came in...

Emma Garrity - Bridlington. We've had polly polo, freddie the frog focus, topless tina..... the list goes on thanks to my children
Heather Jagger I had a Rover called Burp as the reg plate was BRP. Whitby. x
Jenny Wilson My car called harrison as its a ford
Steve BarrettI must have lead a sheltered life I have never given a car a name. It's a lump of metal with four wheels
Wendy Pedley Duncan! Cos his reg starts with PJ!!

Sarah Beeny off the TV came on.. with some money saving tips to get us through winter! One was sharing bathwater! Another is a Fakeaway.. with you doing a homemade takeaway to save the pennies! I thought getting a takeaway in was saving money! What did I miss?

Street Of The Week... Is this week Falsgrave Road in Scarborough! We heard from loads of people on Falsgrave this morning! I will be back there this afternoon making more people on Falsgrave famous!!

Facebook Fun... On Facebook you see these "People You May Know". Usually it's because you have mutual friends. 2 stars of Eastenders popped up in Jon's feed today! My theory is that they must be checking out HIS profile as he could pass as a Mitchell brother. He's grumpy, has a london accent and has the same amount of hair!

Also talked about...

  • A hotel is offering a bizarre “homeless” experience.. you can sleep under a bridge on a park bench for £7 a night!
  • A stunned mum yesterday gave birth to twins with a combined weight of 18lbs! Average twins weigh 5lb each!
  • A Cat has been reunited with its owners after going missing for 7 and a half years!
  • Twilight star Kristen Stewart has been named the LEAST Sexiest woman in Hollywood! 
  • 7% of pet owners would take their partner to court over custody of their animal.. if it came to it!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

More from the people of FALSGRAVE ROAD in Scarborough - My Street Of The Week

Do you love your pet more than your partner? We have a relationships expert and the boss of on to talk about it! Also.. have you given your pet an unusual name? A list has come out of the 10 craziest names we give our pets! I'll share it tomorrow!


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