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Robin Hood's Bay gets the Street Of The Week Treatment!

10th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

The Wednesday Whinge! Hear Jon & Helen's moans and mine too on Paddy's Podcast! Just click the play button above! We got some great moans from you.. Here's some of them...

Carrie Sizer People that drive at 40 miles an hour everywhere, no matter what the speed limit!!!
Charlotte Deller It's not really a whinge but it annoys me all the same. The awkward dance you do when someone is coming the opposite way. How is it so hard for two human beings to be able to move sadly round each other with out creating a remix of an M.C hammer dance.
Charlotte, Scarborough.
Michael Hewitt Moan? Not me, but look at these shoes, only had them a week and the heels falling off already and they said it would be a nice day and I'm sick and tired of this Office.
Michaela Carrack I'm sick of bending over backwards for people and when I need help getting no help back! Moan over thanks kayla in Scarborough
Sam Harrison im a very proud dog owner but why cant people just pick up there dogs poo,its getting worse not just here in brid but everywhere u turn,for gods sake sort your selfs out or even better dont get a dog if u cant be bothered to pick the poo up..
Lynda Attridge The weather ! Don't need to say anymore ! ! !
Neil Tootle SBC paint the roundabout at Crown Tavern
Jennifer Romano P.s to the people who are whinging about people whinging, you are the worst kind is whinger, at least we are aware we are doing it!
Kerry Alkhayat Moan u clearly havnt lost anyone or anything to realise how lucky we are I dont call moaning fun!!! Paddys fault for a silly question!
Amelia Scholey People not taking there litter home with them! I went for walk thru peasholm park other day n there was empy cans left on tables n litter everywhere!

The Buzz About Town...Today's fact was: 165 million __________ are made in Britain every single day... The answer was Cups Of Tea! Another question at 6:25 tomorrow!

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team... were 3-0 up until the last few minutes and like Liverpool V AC Milan that year.. well.. it ended 3-3! Oh well, at least we didn't lose! We're getting there!

Also talked about...

A bride-to-be was driven to her wedding by her groom-to-be in the scoop of a digger! That's crazy........ We all know you're not meant to see the bride BEFORE the wedding!

A learner driver crashed her car through the glass of a hair salon. It was described as a hair-raising experience for those inside.

A girl won't eat anything except noodles! She goes through 30 miles of noodles every single day! WOW!

STREET OF THE WEEK: This week it's New Road in Robin Hood's Bay! Here's what I recorded yesterday. Recognise anyone?

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

RONNIE FROM EASTENDERS pops in for a chat at 8:10am


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