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Playing with Lobsters & April Fools Gags!

2nd April 2013



On Paddy In The Morning On Tuesday

I asked Helen how she got on eating Lobster for the first time! She said they'd cut it in half but when she put the 2 bits together she realised they were different lobsters! She also made it "walk" and other immature things which should have probably got her kicked out of the restaurant!

Did you get fooled by an April Fool Joke? I did by a facebook status from Scarborough Business Link who said KFC were opening up in Scarborough and that Paddy In The Morning would be interviewing the big boss of KFC on Tuesday at 8:30am! I was there thinking "Am I"? Thanks for all your stories about being fooled and fooling others.

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team... are back in action tonight but I've had 3 players pull out! So.. once more i'm looking for a keeper and ideally 2 defenders! I even tweeted Bridlington Town player Nathan Cook about playing for us after he tweeted the show this morning about an April Fool joke his Dad (Mitch Cook) played on him!!

Also talked about...

  • Gary Lineker has tweeted about his annoyance with the BBC TV News.. He said “never will I understand why BBC News feels the need to give football results. Look away now.. 1-0!”
  • Motorists thought it was an April Fool when they got their petrol for FREE! Dozens got £20 a free fuel.. all they had to do was pose for a picture with businessman Mark Kimberley!
  • 80% of brits have every wall in their house painted white or cream! 35% are scared of using colour!
  • 8 in 10 Brits admit to being annoying on a train! 1 in 4 hogs seats by putting their feet or bags on them.. 30% fall asleep and snore! The most annoying habits include playing loud music and bad hygiene!

My Street Of The Week is... 3 in 1! Bridge Street, Prince Street & Queen Street in Bridlington Town Centre! I'm there tomorrow recording.. Hear what 3 things i'm looking for from the people of those roads by listening tomorrow morning!

Also tomorrow: The Wednesday Whinge! Go on.. get something off your chest and have a right good moan about something! We do it just after 8 tomorrow!


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