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Phobias.. I'm scared of fried eggs!

30th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Buzz About Town... We learned that only 19% of young people have used a video recorder! Another question asked by a Paddy In The Morning listener at 6:20 tomorrow!

Street Of The Week... This week is Station Avenue and Murray Street in Filey (same stretch of road) and we heard some great stories including Sarah from Dixons who broke her finger on her wedding day whilst walking along Filey Brigg! Imagine ending up in hospital on your wedding day! More from the people of Filey tomorrow at 7:10 and 8:20am!

PHOBIAS!... Helen on travel is scared of the sound eggs being fried makes! I asked for even more bizarre phobias and... we got them! Thanks for all your calls and comments into the show! Here's just a flavour...

Trisha Frankadoodle - Sand - hate the feel of it -
Christina Calder - bananas!! I really can't stand just the thought of them makes me sick!!
Rachel Styrbjarn Rattigan - I had a phobia of a rug my Mum used to have to the point if she rang me I would say, are you stood on the rug? I know you are I can't talk to you when you're standing on it, and ring off! Rachel, Scarborough
Maisie Gilson - Nail buffers, if someone gets one out to use I have to get away! (Bridlington)
Claire Woolf - My friend has lots of phobias - the sound of people clapping when wearing gloves; peas on their own, a pile of peas on a plate is ok, but one pea, NO!
Marie Mummy Burns - muddy footprints,especially those made by trainers which leave the pattern.When my daughter played footy she used to bang her boots together to remove mud,and it used to fall out in a solid shape with holes in,it made me physically sick.
Terry Anne Scholes - As a hypnotherapist I have come across some unusual phobias over the years. One lady who came to me had stopped driving as she was afraid of turning left.
Holly Oliver - The car volume on the radio being on an odd number! (Scarborough)

Ever had a run in with a PARKING ATTENDANT?... I mentioned the time I thought I'd try and not pay for a ticket as I was only going to be 10 minutes.. I got back and I was getting a ticket. I said "I was just getting some change". The guy replied with "well what's all that then" and pointed to about 12 "1 coins on my dashboard!!!! Helen on Travel told us she once threw a ticket at the attendant.. he picked it up and a week latr she got it in the post!

Today's Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Did you know that little old Forge Valley Cricket Club from East/ West Ayton won the National Village Club Championship Cup at LORDS back in 1986! Got an amazing fact? Email me! 

9 Non Stop… Today was 1973.. The year Bridlington Fair moved from High Green to Hilderthorpe Road.. Scarborough FC beat Wigan Athletic at Wembley in the FA Trophy.. and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway reopened after the main lined had closed in 1965. I always focus on LOCAL MEMORIES to accompany 9 songs from a mystery year... Here's a pic of Westborough, Scarborough from 1973!

Photo: Today's 9 Non Stop.. The year that...

+the North Yorkshire Moors Railway reopened

+the annual Bridlington Fair moved to Hilderthorpe Rd from High Green

+Scarborough Indoor Pool opened



Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

GREGG WALLACE from MASTERCHEF is on to invite Yorkshire Coast Radio listeners to dine at his "DEATH CAFE". He's going to cook the world's deadliest foods and if he doesn't cook them to perfection then you may die eating them! He'll tell us why at 8:10 tomorrow! He looks like a happy version of Jon Burke from News!

On FRIDAY... Another big Scarborough Open Air Theatre Announcement at 8am on Paddy In The Morning!


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