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Olly Murs is coming back to #Scarbados!

8th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday

OLLY MURS is coming back to Scarborough! He famously tweeted how much he loved calling Scarborough #Scarbados when he visited last summer! He really must love it on the coast because he'll be back on Thursday 6th June! For more info visit:

Some of the reaction:

Amanda Richardson Was Adams Well i am over the moon that He.s back seeing as i promised my daughter i would take her but gotta say ycr ya don't believe in making it easy for me do you . . . putting the tickets on sale 3 days before my sons birthday tut tut sulking with ya now hope my tree in back garden decides to let me have some money from it...

Jodie Farndale Get innnnnn!! Skint like but will defo be getting a ticket!! Xxxx

Andrea Dixon I'm going to get tickets this time x

Photo: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Olly Murs is to return to Scarborough Open Air Theatre on Thursday 6 June 2013.  Tickets, priced at £35, are on sale from 8am on Saturday 16 February from The Sands, Scarborough.

What items do you have but never or rarely use?... We use things like Toasted Sandwich Makers so rarely it's the equivalent of spending £10 per sarnie when we do! So.. what item do you have stored away at home which you never or rarely use? Here's some of the stuff that came in...
Zoe Law A guitar, thought I would be cool getting one and becoming a popster. But it has sat in my room untuned and used. Zoe
Jennifer Romano Vegetable steamer & guitar Hunmanby
Sarah Francis I use my slow cooker every week!! But I have a mini muffin machine that I've only used once! And a big kenwood mixer that has never left the back of my cupboard!! In Brid

ON SATURDAY: i'll be doing a live update from outside The Brunswick Shopping Centre in Scarborough between 9 and 10 to speak to the guys who are raising money for St. Catherine's Hospice by driving from Blackpool to Benidorm in an old car!

WEATHER:  If the snow hits on Sunday night into Monday i'll start Paddy In The Morning an hour earlier at 5am with live weather, travel and any school closures.

STREET OF THE WEEK: Will be in the Whitby area next week. Find out where on Monday!

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