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Nose Bleeds and do girls play Squash?

22nd January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

We Talked About... my game of Squash last night at Scarborough Rugby Club.. My mate walloped me full whack with the squash ball and gave me a 20 minute nose bleed! I asked Helen if girls played squash (jokingly) or whether they opted for Badminton more! She called me sexist and told me the nose bleed was Karma!

Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about the old Monastery where the Priory Church in Bridlington now is.. and the uprising over Henry VIII' creation of the Church Of England and the Monastery's role in it. Email your Yorkshire Coast Fact: paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

Michael Winner... sadly died yesterday. Of the 30 or so films he made, I actually starred in one of them and it was filmed in Scarborough! A Chorus Of Disapproval was shot in Scarborough and he shouted at me for ruining my simple role: All I had to do was lick an ice cream on the North Bay Promenade... I ate it! Runners had to be sent to get more ice cream and the shot filmed again!

Street Of The Week... Today I revealed the 3 things i'm looking for on Victoria Road in Scarborough...

1) People who are SINGLE AND LOVING IT!

2) People who've made a FOOL OUT OF THEMSELVES on a night out!

3) The reason people got DETENTION AT SCHOOL!

I'm there this afternoon and you can hear the first load of audio on the show tomorrow morning!

Trivial Things... We argue with our partners about! This because I saw a couple in Morrisons, Bridlington arguing over the colour of toilet roll they were going to get! We got some brilliant calls on this today so thanks! Everything from who turns the lights out in the bedroom to towels that are left "too wet" by your partner!!! Listen to the Podcast to hear the best bits!

More School Closures... Today because of further snow. This is the 9th consecutive day of lying snow on the coast! Any problems tomorrow, i'll have ALL the weather/ travel/ news info! I've had good practice!!


Tomorrow On Paddy In The Morning...

STREET OF THE WEEK: Hear from the people of Victoria Road, Scarborough!

NATIONAL TELEVISION AWARDS: All the gossip ahead of the big show!

9 NON STOP - 9 songs to start your workday non stop, commercial-free from 1 year! We're in the 80's tomorrow!

And much much more..


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