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National Sickie Day! Who's not turned up at your place today?

4th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

It's National Sickie Day! The day when most people (about 350,000 in Britain) pull a sickie! So.. who's missing in your workplace today? I had a call from Wendy in Scarborough who sounded dreadful (no offense) and was going to call in sick today until she heard me talking about it and as a result daren't! I feel awful! So bad I may have to take the rest of the day off work!! Helen on Travel said she once gave the excuse: I can't come in cos I've only got one pair of shoes and can only find one shoe"! I know that must be fake... what woman only has one pair of shoes?!  Here's some of what else we got in...

Fiona Strachan I once worked with a man that rang up work and said "ooh Im not coming in today I think ive had a heart attack...... But ill be in tuesday! Lol 100% what he said! (Brid)

Sharon Nananutty Ellis I did genually have a very bad dose of tonsillitus but the endevour was commin into whitby my now ex hubby talked me into going to whitby when we got there of course there were tv all over i ended up sat on a bench on northside cliff tops while my hubby went down into the town to see it but i enjoyed myself and had a big ice cream into the bargain but i was frightened to death someone would see me lol

Claire Louise Saunders Claimed to be sick when my then boss rang for me to start a couple of hours early in stead of starting at 5pm to start at 3pm I told her I couldn't as I had gone over on my ankle speaking on my mobile while walking round York minster! (That was 11years ago on the 11th may start of the Dante meeting) and yes I lost my job but met a great man at the races now we are married :))

Whitby Pavilion... On Saturday to see Tinkerbell with my family! It wasn't without drama! I spilt a drink all over floor which slid towards the lady behind me who had an expensive looking coat on the floor! I also left Leo's teddy bear in the theatre afterwards. When I went back in to look for it a little girl was holding it! I wouldn't say I wrestled the teddy off her.. but almost! She did utter the words "it's mine. I found it"!

TESS DALY...Was on the show talking about crabbing in Scarborough Harbour with her family! We'll look out for her and Vernon this summer! We also talked about our children as we're both parents of young children.. not the same children before rumours start!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day... Was about King George III who was sent to RAVENSCAR by doctors to recover from.. GOING MAD! Thanks to Diane at Raven Hall who has since emailed me with confirmation of this story and i'll share some fascinating stuff they've sent through tomorrow.. If you've got an amazing local fact email me: and it could get read out at 8:15am!

Dropped my phone in the bath... Last night! Thanks to everyone who suggested I lock it in a cupboard for 3 days in a sealed bag of rice.. the thing is.. despite it being submerged in the bath for about 5 seconds whilst I looked for it, it's totally fine! Even the visible patch of water has gone!

Street Of The Week... This week is The Promenade in Bridlington! I'll be there tomorrow with our new "Shop Local" stickers for shop windows.. I'm also after 3 things from the people of The Promenade.. Weird Phobias, People who've won an award for something AND people who've always lived in Bridlington and always will! I'm there tomorrow lunchtime onwards!

I also talked about... Women who are overdue in pregnancy are often told to "have a curry". One woman did but the effects were quite sudden! Just minutes later she gave birth to a baby!

And.. a man has paid £60 to twin a toilet in his local church with a toilet in a church in Congo.. no idea why but he has!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow...

STREET OF THE WEEK: I prepare to hit The Promenade in Bridlington tomorrow afternoon with our brand new 'Shop Local' stickers, car stickers and a microphone and maybe even the marquee.. I'm looking for people with weird phobias, people who've won awards and people who've never lived anywhere else but Brid and never want to live anywhere else! Are you on The Promenade in Brid and fancy a visit?

TOMORROWS PHONER: What little lies did you tell your kids when they were small? Maybe you still do.. What little lies did your parents tell you to keep you in line?

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