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My First Show!!

2nd January 2013

Thanks for all the good luck messages in advance of and during my first show this morning! There were no major hiccups and I thoroughly enjoyed being back on air broadcasting to my home stretch of coastline!


SHOP KEEPERS IN WHITBY... Told me their New Year’s Resolutions. Helen from a vintage shop said she was going to chill out more and do less (!) meanwhile Simon from Hippy Hippy Shake Ice Cream said he wanted to be less angry and grumpy in 2013!

Claire in Bridlington phoned in and said she doesn’t bother with them. Paige in Scarborough ate chocolate EVERY day in 2012 but wants to totally give it up in 2013! Lizzie in Filey is going to exercise more! I actually lasted 13 hours before failing mine to give up fast food. I realised at 1pm yesterday after I’d been to the Drive Thru!

8:52PM TONIGHT IS THE BEST TIME… To find romance online! More than 3 million people are making finding love their new year’s resolution this year and the peak time to go online is just before 9pm on the first day back at work! So.. if you’re single.. GOOD LUCK!

DOMINIC LITTLEWOOD… Popped in for a chat and to give us Yorkshire Coast home owners a warning.. January is the worst month for burglaries.

Dominic Littlewood

‘THE BUZZ ABOUT TOWN’… Is a question at 6:20 based on a recent survey asked by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener.. Today’s question.. We spend a year of our lives looking for this and spend £125 a year doing so.. No one got it right.. The answer was “a parking space”.

LADY GAGA.. is offering her fans COUNCELLING after her concerts! If they need “to talk” there will be a bus outside the venue! She can’t think much of herself if she thinks fans need councelling after seeing her sing!

QUAY ROAD, BRIDLINGTON… Will be my first ‘STREET OF THE WEEK’ starting Monday! I’ll explain more tomorrow but in short each week we pick a street/road etc. I am given a challenge to find certain things from that street.. For example: A hero, a great claim to fame etc. More tomorrow!! Nominate your street by emailing paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

WHO’S LAUGHING NOW… Is a clip of a celebrity laughing. Guess who! Today it was an easy one: Danny from The Script sounded very irish as he laughed! It’s on just before 8am.

9 NON STOP… Today was January 1981.. Loads of you called in with a guess and were loving us playing 9 songs in a row to start your workday! Tomorrow we're in the 1990's!

On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…

  • We’ll see if anyone who logs on to a dating site at 8:52pm actually finds romance!
  • I’ll reveal what I’m looking for on Quay Road in Bridlington next week on my first “Street Of The Week”
  • After I withdrew £70 cash from the Co-Op Cash Machine (ironically on Quay Road, Bridlington) 2 days ago then walked off without taking the money.. what’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?
  • And hear about an unusual rescue mounted by Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team at Levisham yesterday…

See you from 6am! PADDY :)

Posted by Paddy at 2:47pm


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