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Men in purple pull

24th January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Men are more likely to get a date if they wear a purple shirt (apparently). Helen on travel thinks a guy looks great in pink, so does Louise from Creative Cakes on Victoria Road in Scarborough who recorded that fact for us.. I think a man in pink is girly! Though I did once wear a pink shirt!

We heard more from my Street Of The Week which is Victoria Road in Scarborough! We heard from Christine at EYG who's hubby to be told me she once came out of the loo with her skirt tucked in her knickers! We also heard from Infinite Wisdom (who ironically knew I was coming) and McKenzies Sandwich Bar! Next week i'm in FILEY so be listening to find out exactly where!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day was about Carnaby Industrial Estate when it was an RAF base in the 2nd World War! The runway was 5 times longer than a normal one and was East-West to enable planes landing from german bombing raids an easy descent especially if they were damaged! Thanks for all your tweets with even more amazing facts about the runway. They included the fact they used to light petrol fires either side which would lift the fog in the area to give a clear window to pilots even during thick fog!

We mentioned last night's National Television Awards.. How good was Ella Henderson? How bad was Kimberley Walsh? Actually she wasn't that bad!

Ever got lost somewhere? Or trapped somewhere? Had a great response as always including a call from Sandra in Scarborough about her then 4 year old who used to get lost "for fun". She lost him in a supermarket. First thing she knew of it was when the tannoy announcer came on mentioning a found child!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning

With news that the cost of bringing up children on the Yorkshire Coast has rocketed, I've got an expert on with some tips on how to save money with kids!

Loads of ideas for what to do this weekend!

Your chance to win nearly £1200 on Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound (should it not have been won today)!

The Buzz About Town.. 9 Non Stop... plus News, Sport, Weather & Travel


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