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Major Public Embarrassment!

13th February 2013


  On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Pancake Disaster! Well.. I had to face the music and talk about a wonderful event yesterday: Scarborough's Strictly Pancakes in the town centre. All went really well until I fell over doing the assault course! What made it even worse was that I wasn't even racing against anyone! There are pictures and video doing the rounds! It was a laugh and rather painful too! But thanks for coming to support that great annual event!

1st Day Of Lent... What are YOU giving up? I've given up Crisps and Chocolate! It was going to be watching football but on day 1 of Lent it's Real Madrid V Manchester United... NO CHANCE! We had a huge response to this. Here's some of what came in...

Suzanne Walsh - As a family we are giving up biscuits, choc, sweets, crisps and cake. Our kids are 11 and 9 so a real challenge for them!!!! We are also going veggie for 6 weeks, can't think why!!!!
Nettie Fawley - My son 1 year gave up his RE homework I asked him why and he said for religious purposes and my daughter yet again as given up fruit and veg I don't think so somehow Scarborough
Claire Louise Saunders -Anything that has sugar in as taking opportunity to start a diet ready for Katie Bodman's wedding :)) which is shortly after Easter!
Kelly Lovestopartyy Woods - i just give my sleep up because i cant get to sleep xxx scarborough

Street Of The Week: Coach Road in Sleights... Hi to everyone I met on Coach Road in Sleights yesterday afternoon! Played out some great audio on the show this morning! Here it here:

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

Each hour we'll do a SLUSHFEST! I'll play out sickly messages of love which i'm recording today! And also asking you: What would your reaction be if you got NOTHING? Apparently HALF of WOMEAN say they wouldn't mind!! That CAN'T BE TRUE! Can it??!

Enjoy the snow.. AGAIN!



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