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John Lennon Tried To Kiss Me! WHAT???

4th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

What a busy show! We played out some amazing audio from my Street Of The Week! Elizabeth from Elizabeth Jewellers told me she'd gone to a party with The Beatles after one of their concerts in Sheffield in 1963! John Lennon tried to kiss her! She'd never been kissed before and pulled away.. and started chatting up George Harrison! I asked you whether you'd met anyone famous and if so was it more than you imagined or was it a disappointment? Thanks for ALL your great calls! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some of them!

Jon read a story in the news about Justin Beiber doing a concert in Norway! Authorities are so worried that children will skip school, they've moved their exams to another date! I joked that one day you will probably be able to do a "Justin Beiber Degree". Jon & Helen told me there is one already to study David Beckham! Bonkers!

Today's BUZZ ABOUT TOWN question was...The world's most widely sold musical instrument is ______________??? The answer was: The Harmonica! No one got it right today! Another question at 6:20am!

9 Non Stop...Today was 1990! Thanks for all your guesses for the year! We played 9 huge songs and gave you clues like "This is the year Tescos Supermarket opened in Bridlington". Another year tomorrow at 9am!


On Paddy In The Morning tomorrow…



Hear more from my Street Of The Week in Bridlington! I’m recording more today!



Plus.. which former ENGLAND MANAGER wants to come on my show to help sort my Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team out? We’ve lost all 3 games so far! Find out tomorrow who it is!



We'll also hear from our Secret Sound winner Bobby as I hand over the cheque to her in Sewerby today!



Plus ideas of what to do this weekend on the coast throughout my show tomorrow morning!





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