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26th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

We were talking about the best present you ever got as a child.. What was it? And how excited were you to get it? Thanks for all the interaction today. Here’s just some of what came in…

Sharon Mason My most memorable present (but not best - that was my Tippy Tumble when I was about 3 or 4) - was a brand new shiney shovel - Christmas morning - my daily chore was bringing in the coal for out fire but my shovel was so buggered. Mine was the first christmas present to be opened that year and i had to fill the coal buckets before we could carry on. Happy days

never got it.... Ever! Lol

Shazney Pester My best Christmas present ever, ever, ever in the land of ever! was my "speak and spell" I loved it. Geeky but true. Bought one on Ebay last year paid £100 for it but don't tell my husband!!!

Karen Gatenby Hi Paddy its Karen many years ago i got a bugs bunny that you pulled a string and it talked my older brother came home from a good night out and broke it,i loved that bunny,lol

Helen Mason probably the thing I was most excited about was a bike, nothing special just a bike! But one I go the most use out of was a piece of plastic!!!! it was 4' x 6' sheet - the kind of stuff you get in clip frames - and it was fantastic - the hours I spent on the floor or table drawing, painting, cutting, glueing, whatever and not worrying about anything dirty. It was FAB!

Also today…

  • A romantic guy who released 12 heart shaped balloons was arrested for causing pollution in Florida!
  • The first satellite to be powered by a smartphone was sent into space yesterday! To test SCREAMS! The device features an android app which they developed to test the theory that “in space no one can hear you scream”. It will orbit the earth playing videos of the best screams! A good use of government money eh?!
  • Doctor Who fans will get to see the WHOLE Tardis in the new series including a swimming pool!
  • Remote towns in Siberia are populated only by men!
  • A groom kidnapped his wife to avoid paying the bills for their wedding! I take thee – quite literally!

Today’s Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day…

The Seamer to Pickering line closed in 1950 68 years after it opened.. on the last train journey people gathered on platforms and in the fields to wave the train through..

There were stations at Forge Valley, Wykeham, Sawdon, Snainton, Ebberston, Thornton Dale and they were all designed exactly the same! Got a fact? Email:

The Buzz About Town…is a fact read out by a Yorkshire Coast Radio listener every morning.. Today the lovely Daisy from Scarborough. We buzz out a word. You guess what it is.. Today we learned the myth of eating carrots to see in the dark was made up during the war! Another one at 6:20am!

Yorkshire Coast Radio’s Secret Sound… No winner today. Nathan guesses the sound is a penguin at Scarborough Sealife Centre. Lines open at 7am tomorrow for £1370 if we don’t get a winner today!

Today I’m on Bessingby Way in Bridlington 1-4pm for my Street Of The Week.. Then I’m at East Riding College's Open Event from 4-7pm

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

  • Hear from the people of Bessingby Way in Bridlington (This Week’s Street Of The Week)
  • Tony Robinson is on to talk about great Yorkshire Coast Surnames that are dying out!

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