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Insulted by the Master Chef... Well sort of!

31st January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Gregg Wallace from Masterchef joined me on the show to tell me about "The Death Cafe" which is opening for 2 nights in London soon! Chefs will cook the world's deadliest foods and if they don't get it just right then you risk actually dying! He also told us how much he loves the "gorgeous" Yorkshire Coast! Listen to Paddy's Podcast to hear some of the funnier bits including that insult!

We talked about... those things which you've never done yet everyone else has! Here's just a flavour of what came in...

Michelle Plummer Never been abroad , and i never will , i can't stand the thought of seeing big moths or any cockroaches - scarborough
Kath Frith Hardman Never been to new York (Bridlington)
Molly Moore Never sledged,,, or been abroad (Filey!)
Sharon Mason Never been married. Or woken up on special days, like Christmas or Birthdays, with the love of my life laid in bed next to me. Seamer
Sharon Nananutty EllisNever walked on the great wall of china ? Or been to iceland (the country) would love to do both lol sharon bridlington
Rebecca Clarkson I have never,drank alcohol,swore or told a lie......honestly dad if you're listening,wink wink nudge nudge.
Yvonne Salt I've never been to a music festival like glastonbury
Vanessa Mace Ive never changed a nappy thornton dale

The Buzz About Town... Today was a question recorded by Tracey from Filey. Did you know that 60% of women hate _________ ??? The answer was surprises! Steve from Newby then called to say "women always mean the opposite of what they say so it's probably 60% of women LOVE suprises"!!!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day...Was today about Filey Brigg and the myths about its origin! According to one of them it was built by the Devil himself, who, having lost his hammer in the sea, reached for it with his hand, but caught a fish instead. The Devil exclaimed "Ah! Dick!," which accounts for the name of the fish Haddock. Since then Filey Brigg carries the marks of the Devil's grasp on its shoulders!!!

Car Bumps... Apparently women are more likely to crash into a parked car than men but men are more likely to end up in a pile up. I talked about the time I crashed my car on the moors near Whitby. It was 30 minutes before my 25th birthday and I wondered why my insurance company kept asking if it was before or after midnight. When I assured them it was before they told me I'd have to pay £500 Excess because I was under 25! Aggggghhhhhhhh!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

 ***We have a big announcement for another show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre! 8am

***More from the people of Murray Street & Station Avenue in Filey (7:10 and 8:20am)

***I'm waiting on confirmation from ITV but i might be speaking to a SPLASH! finalist on the show tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed!


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