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How on earth did you get that scar?

10th January 2013

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On Today's Paddy In The Morning...
Scar with a story! An old scar from getting knocked over by a truck in Estonia in the 90's has surfaced again on my shoulder! Rather random! So.. I asked you to tell me about your scar with a story! We had an amazing call from Trish in Whitby who has a scar on her leg from where she was SHOT with a Pellet Gun by her brother after she threw a dart at him! Happy Families!!!

The Buzz About Town.. Asked by a guy in Bridlington who's name I can't spell.. Oritse from JLS owns over 70 _________ - The answer is aftershaves! He must smell niiiiiice! Another question at 6:20 tomorrow asked by another Yorkshire Coast Radio listener!

Street Of The Week... This week is Quay Road in Bridlington.. My quest to find a hero, claim to fame and a secret continued.. Lou told me she once danced with The Roly Poly's.. I said "that's nice but  what's your claim to fame"? More from Quay Road, Bridlington tomorrow! Next week my street of the week will be in WHITBY.. I'll tell you where on Monday!

Who's Laughing Now... That clip of a UK star having a laughing fit goes on. It's a HE and he's really famous! Listen for the clip at 7:55 tomorrow!

Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound... Trish in Scarborough guessed "a gate on The Cleveland Way near Robin Hood's Bay". If it's not won today then another chance to play for £1040 tomorrow! Yes it goes up by £10 each day!

The Busiest Sea King Helipcopter Base... is the UK last year was Prince Williams! I wonder how many women conveniently ended up adrift off Anglesey last year so they got saved by Wills! I mentioned the time I found what I thought was a BOMB on Scarborough's South Bay Beach! I got the coastguard out with blue flashing lights.. turned out it was a large fishing weight! Oooops!

9 Non Stop... Was 1967 today! Memories of Harold Wilson, the British Prime Minister, doing a speech in Scarborough. Also the year the North Yorkshire Moors Railway Preservation Society were formed with the aim being to save the line between Grosmont and Pickering! Aren't we so glad they did!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

The Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building... I want to find the Yorkshire Coast's Favourite Building! Mine's The Spa, Scarborough as that's where my mum met my dad and where I had my wedding reception. I love all the passages and spiral staircases inside and it's a stunning building. What's yours? Call 01723 588999 or email paddy@yorkshirecoastradio.com

More From Bridlington's Quay Road... My Street Of The Week. Plus all the events on the coast this weekend and the latest local news, sport, weather and travel.

9 Non Stop... Will be a more recent year with 9 songs, non stop, commercial free to kickstart your workday! But what will the year be?



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