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Half Term.... For some!

11th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today

  • I mentioned the unusual situation we have this week where some schools on the coast are on Half Term.. most have to wait until next week.. Does his affect you? We got a big reaction.. Here’s some of it…

Sally Campbell My son is at east riding college in Bridlington and i work in a school for North Yorkshire county council and we have different half terms. It has made it impossible for us to go on holiday together!

Caroline Broadhead Should be sorted out. I'm a full-time teacher in Brid with a 5 and 9 yr old at school in Scarb. I work hard and long hours and look forward to spending quality time with my children in hols. I am however going to enjoy the school run this week, something I hardly ever get chance to do normally!

Sue Greenley All my children go to north yorkshire schools and I work for nycc, the hardest thing I found was teacher training days. I had primary and secondary school children and we rarely had same ones off together.

Sarah Heslehurst yes, I work in a North Yorkshire school but live in East Yorkshire so i cant spend the half term with my children and have to rely on grandma to have them for the week:(

Jo Miles I've booked to take my kids to watch football this half term or so I thought then I discovered our half term is different to every1 else's!! Now they have school after going to an evening game and not getting home till gone midnight wish they would just keep all holidays the same it's a real ball ache when there at different times.

  • Also.. I wanted to hear about your HOLIDAY DISASTERS… Here’s some of the s  ocial media stuff that came in…

Gill Maher Cayo Coco in Cuba! ! Minging stinky swamp under the main part of the hotel, probably the cause of 8 days of "THE TROTS" damp smelly rooms, toilet held together with string. And sooooooooo boring unless you pay for trips, if you want to "see" the real Cuba you must go onto the mainland.

John Walker malia last year second day of holiday slipped coming out of shower, only sprained my left ankle, but hobbling around for 2 weeks then got bitten a few days later on the right foot which then got infected so had the other foot bandaged up as well

Charlotte Mason Fell over in a club in Benidorm and ended up in a hospital on my own 17 miles away!!! Woke up the next day with my leg in a cast and paying a fortune to fine my hotel!!!!! (Scarborough)

Apparently 3 in 5 of us start our holiday wearing the wrong clothing! We’re getting off our plane in the Caribbean wearing our woolies! 1 in 10 get changed in the plane toilet. But is there really enough room to do that? Plane toilets are tiny!

9 Non Stop was 1976 today! Another year of great songs tomorrow at 9!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • Hear from the people of EASTBOROUGH in Scarborough with “what are you giving up for Lent”? I’m on Eastborough this afternoon with our shopping local stickers too!
  • Also.. Are you a woman  desperate to attract a man? The answer is simple! I’ll reveal all tomorrow!
  • And after Strictly Pancakes in Scarborough tomorrow lunchtime, I’ll be heading to my Street of The Week which this week is Coach Road, Sleights! The 3 things I’m looking for (it’s a love theme) are:

1)      What’s your partner’s worst habit?

2)      How did you get proposed to/ or propose?

3)      Who was your first kiss with?

I’ll also be sticking up our ‘Say Yes To Shopping Local’ stickers.

Later this week…..

Wednesday:  We celebrate being SINGLE the day BEFORE the slushiness of Valentine’s Day!

Thursday: Valentine’s Day! I’ll be recording messages on the street on Wednesday to play out on Thursday. You can also record a message on the phone on Thursday morning!

Friday: Boy George is on the show ahead of his performance in Scarborough DJ’ing this weekend!


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