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Graham Taylor tells me to bribe the opposition!!

9th April 2013


On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Former England Manager GRAHAM TAYLOR was on the show to help me sort my 6-a-side football team out! His advice was simple: Bribe the opposition! Hear highlights from the chat above - I also asked him about Gazza, goal line technology and England's chances of getting to the world cup! 

Birthdays... Apparently 50% of parents can't afford to treat their kids to a birthday party! And those that do feel they have to impress other parents! So... What did you get when you were small? And what do you do for your kids now? Here's what came in...

Helen Mason my parties were mostly at home, with friends and family. No party bags - plenty of games and we ate the cake as the last thing bfore going home. Going out somewhere (cinema mainly) with 1 or 2 friends was a *real* treat.
For my boys - only 1 party so far, at home. Younger son heading for 2 this month, not having a party for him, but will do cake presents etc. and might have a couple of friends to play.
Steph Moseley I wasn't allowed parties at home - but I was allowed to have a friend over for tea. When my kids were little we used to have parties at home - couldn't justify the cost of hiring somewhere!
Sarah Wilson As a kid i always had party's at home. My 6 year old has had a bowling party, a karate party and candy kingdom. Candy kingdom again in 4 weeks cant wait.
The Buzz About Town...Today's fact: Children now spend more than watching TV than they do _________ ??? The answer was "At school" - Wow! Another fact with a word buzzed out and 6:20am tomorrow!
Showbiz... We heard how Simon Cowell stays in shape and keeps healthy! He goes to bed at 5:30am and get's up at 3! He also does the Botox and goes to the gym 3-4 times a week! Make up helps too!
Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...
We hear from the people of New Road in Robin Hood's Bay - My Street Of The Week all this week!
Find out how the Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team gets on tonight in match number 1! Our first win? Fingers crossed!

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