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Facebook makes you depressed

23rd January 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today...

Facebook makes some of us depressed or jealous because of other people's statuses! I mentioned my status last night.. Here's a copy & paste of it:

What are the chances of getting home, opening your passenger door and seeing all your shopping fall out of the carrier bags and into a pile of dog poo - only realising when your put your hand in it trying to retrieve said shopping? 2 kids in car and nothing to clean up with so washed my hands in the snow.. the Yogi Bear DVD and jar of coffee I'll have to go back for...

John said that status amused him not depressed him.. however he would definitely NOT be coming rounf the mine for a coffee!

STEREOPHONICS were on the show and I asked them if they fancied doing a gig on the Yorkshire Coast and they said they'd love to! After that conversation it went bonkers on Twitter to the point Stereophonics was trending on the Yorkshire Coast on Twitter! Here's some of your tweets:

Get the 'Phonics in Scarborough NOW!!!!!!!!

happy to do a gig at come on make it happen it would be amazing!! well done

never mind the oat prefect for Spa Grand Hall

What's your ADDICTION or OBSESSION? I posed this question today and got a huge response so thank you for that! Most peolpe said things like facebook & twitter were their obsessions. We also had things like:

Peanut M&Ms........ Omg they are just so gorgeous! Om nom nom, can't get enough of them but very fattening! Lol ;0) Lou, ship inn sewerby
facebook all time never twitter.. chocolate every day lol, Samantha in Whitby

Becky Smith: Buying radox must have 20 bottles + have to have a bath everyday
Steve James, Crossgates: Probably farcebook, dont get twitter at all, probably crisps, real ale and Carol Vorderman. (Crossgates)

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning...

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And much, much, much, much more!

Creative Cakes by Louise

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