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Ever had a lucky escape? And.. Football's Coming Home!

12th March 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today…

Ever had a lucky escape?... We got calls from Suzie in Bridlington who says she’s so clumsy she has lucky escapes daily and celebrates just getting through the day with a glass of wine! Tasha in Whitby called to tell us about her mum having to swerve out of the way of an oncoming car. They were uninjured and Alison from Northstead called to say when working at a supermarket, a cage of stock being unloaded off a lorry landed on her and broke her wrist!

Daffodil Watch!... We got people to tell us where they’ve seen Daffodils already! Whitby’s the place to be as they are already blooming at St Hilda’s School and in Pannett Park!

Chicken Pox… My 1 year old Leo has got it today! I mentioned how some (in my opinion strange people) actually take their kids to chicken pox parties so they get it when they are young!

Traffic Light Bingo.. We do this at 8:40am.Are you stationary at a red light when the drum roll ends? If so.. 100 points! And if you were at the junction of Victoria Road & Northway at a red light today then well done you got 200 points!

Street Of The Week… Today I revealed the 3 things I’m looking for from the people of Bridlington Street in Hunmanby. They are:

1)      What’s your favourite smell?

2)      Ever had a ghostly experience?

3)      What’s the best & worst thing about Hunmanby?

I’m there this lunchtime onwards.. and I’ll play out what I record tomorrow morning at 8:10!

The Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team… has its first game tonight at Pindar in the Scarborough League! I’m the manager! Wish us luck! We still need a keeper AND a kit! Ha!

Tomorrow on Paddy In The Morning…

  • STREET OF THE WEEK: We hear from the people of Bridlington Street in HUNMANBY
  • PHONER: According to research, relationships work best if there’s an age gap of 4 years. Better if the man is the older one. So.. What’s the age gap between you and your partner? And does a big age gap matter?
  • FOOTBALL: Find out how my Yorkshire Coast Radio 6-a-side team get on in our first match in the Scarborough league tonight! Oh heck I still need a kit!!!!
  • WEDNESDAY WHINGE: It’s back! A chance to have a right good moan about something just after 8am tomorrow!


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