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Embarrassing parents and Happy Mondays are coming!

1st February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning on Friday...

Do your parents still embarrass you even though you're well into adulthood? We got things like parenmts in their 70's who still give you their opinion on new partners or make married couples sleep in separate rooms despite benig in their 40's and with their own children! I mentioned how my Dad would give me my own team talk at school football matches after my team talk with our sports teacher! CRINGE!

We announced that: HAPPY MONDAYS are to play Scarborough Open Air Theatre on 22nd June! We also gave away the very first set of tickets for the concert! Well done to Yvonne Salt!

Street Of The Week... More from the peolpe of Station Avenue and Murray Street in Filey today on favourite holiday destinations, people who've never walked along Filey Brigg and those people with 2 jobs.

Mother in Law is coming over to Scarborough today... I remember once she made me a packed lunch. The promise was for sandwiches, sausage rolls, a steak pie, crisps, sweets. She gave me the wrong bag and I came into work with a bag with nothing more than a giant CABBAGE in it! I think it was accidental!

Bits & Bobs...

*Being a football manager is the job most desired by Boys AND GIRLS aged 11-16 according to a poll.. Being PM came 4th,,,

*A boozed up teenager broke into a police station, stole an officers uniform and started directing traffic...

*Firefighters in Wrexham had to rescue a CHAIR… it was on a shop roof and they feared it woud be blown over onto passing pedestrians...

On Paddy In The Morning on Monday...

TESS DALY is on the show! She loves the coast and her family love crabbing in Scarborough Harbour! We'll talk about that and Strictly Come Dancing and what else she's doing in 2013!

Street Of The Week is back with a road in Bridlington being announced on Monday as my next destination!

And win BIG MONEY with Yorkshire Coast Radio's Secret Sound at 7:20am!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Enjoy National Yorkshire Pudding Day on Sunday!


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