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Dream jobs and the job you're actually doing!

19th February 2013



On Paddy In The Morning Today

What job did you dream of doing when you were younger and what did you end up doing? Here’s some of what came in…

Gill Gillard I wanted to work on a game reserve in Kenya. Let's just say being a night care assistant in a retirement home is not so exciting!!!! In Scarborough.

Dave Garrity I always wanted to be a stuntman after watching the fall guy but hey ho ill stick to being a plasterer then. From Bridlington

Sharon Mason I wanted to be a juggernaut driver across America, when I was about 11 - as in Convoy - it took my 5 attempts to pass my car driving test 13 years ago - think i'll pass on the Juggernaut bit - waaaaay too scarey!!! (Seamer)

Kat Garton I wanted to be a teacher from about the age of 6... and i graduated and became a qualified teacher last year - and whilst i'm only supply teaching at the moment, I'm living the dream!! (Scarborough)

Also talked about…

  • Hackers changed the Twitter account of Burger King to McDonalds and tweeted saying they had been bought out! It’s very funny but of course very very wrong!
  • A woman who bought a chicken from a supermarket was shocked to unwrap the packaging and find a plaster stuck to it! She declined a £50 gift voucher from the store!
  • The best song for kids to brush their teeth to has been revealed! It’s Gangnam Style! It’s all in the rhythm apparently!
  • The average boy under 10 owns 10 pairs of shoes.. the average girl under 10 owns 17 pairs of shoes! I’m 31 and I only have 3 pairs of shoes. My brown shoes.. my green football shoes and my running trainers!

The Amazing Yorkshire Coast Fact Of The Day… Was about a chunk of Filey Brigg which you can find in Hunmanby! Hunmanby Hall is made from stones found at Filey Brigg! Got a fact? Email me!!

We heard from… some of the swimmers from Scarborough and Filey who are swimming the English Channel in July! Hear more on the podcast!

On Paddy In The Morning Tomorrow…

I’m on Falsgrave Road in Scarborough this afternoon.. It’s my Street Of The Week.. I’m looking for 3 things…

  • What was your first car? And what was it called?
  • What was your first dance song at your wedding?
  • How many Valentine’s cards did you get last week?

Also tomorrow.. TV Presenter Sarah Beeny has some wacky money-saving tips to get us through winter!


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